Hip-Hop Rumors: Vick To Snitch? Jay-Z vs 50? Foxy Brown's Baby Daddy Revealed? Ne-Yo Fighting Britney?


You might recall that Showtime did a concert with Jay-Z and the Roc a few years ago, which could have had more MOP. Well, from what I am hearing Showtime is interested in doing a concert with Jay-Z and 50 Cent. Yes that. From what I am hearing, the cable channel wants to promote it like a boxing match. To dod this, they will include a 3-part mini series leading up to the day of the show, like when Oscar De La Hoya was bested by Pretty Boy Floyd. This will supposedly include a boxing-style press conference and everything. If the show is confirmed, it would be announced in October and the show would happen in January. You think Jay-Z would do that? Right now, 50 is going to do anything to push this album.


Ne-Yo is sick of this mess that Briney Spears has become. The super star producer, singer and songwriter wrote several songs specifically for her. And guess what? She went and shaved her dome and went all crazy in rehab. So guess what? Ne-Yo sold the songs to Pussy Cat doll to Nicole Scherzinger. Guess what? Britney got mad. But, really Ne-Yo was trying to make it happen, except nobody returns his calls or hits him back. He sells the songs to the Pussy Cat and gets paid. Oh well – Britney lost. They even say Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was for Brit. BRIT IS OVER.


I knew Vick was working with the Federalis, but I didn’t think he was going to testify against his kinfolk! Rumor has it, in exchange for his light punishment; Vick is going to testify against his cousin, who shall remain nameless. My sources say that’s what’s going to happen. From what I have been told, this cousin had illegal drugs and that’s what tipped the officials to the dog stuff. So, he’s the reason all this is happening right now. Vick is going to STICK it to this guy in exchange for all the pain. The crazy thing is, the cousin also has somebody they are going to “expose” and that could be an even bigger story. I don’t know who that person is, but it might be another big NFL wig.

Mike Vick’s mother agrees with me on his snitchy dad and as a token of

appreciatiopn, Vick cut his dad’s cell phone off - hahahahaha!

Vick's mom Brenda Boddie said, "I don't know what kind of a father

would do that to his child. There was no dogfighting [at our home]. There were no cages. I know he is angry and mad because of his son —

because of his drug habit."EL DEBARGE – NOW THIS IS SAD!At one point in time, El DeBarge was on the tippy, tippy TOP. Like I said the other day, homeboy was arrested and now it appears that he was suspected of some sort of domestic violence. According to tmz, the L.A. County District Attorney shot down the domestic charges, but his holding the singer on a number of outstanding warrants dealing ith vandalism, a suspended license and even drugs. You know, drugs always seems to pop up. No bail for El. Many people might not be aware of the greatness of El DeBarge, but you could argue that if there was no El Biggie Smalls would not be as big of a star. Biggie used DeBarge on "One More Chance" and Ashanti sampled Biggie on "Foolish." I remember so clearly an interviewer asking Ashanti about that sample and she saying it came from Big. She didn’t know, but its all good! Gettting arrested brings AWARENESS! So, I don’t want to OD on El Debarge, because I know many of you could truly CARE LESS, but the man deserves this. I need to let you see when El Debarge may have well been called “happy feet” – they were so happy!Here is a happy El Debarge when he was like baby Micheal Jackson.This is last year: El DeBarge with a rap guy named DJ Quik.


Two words: Spragga Benz! Rumor has it, Spragga is the father of the kid that is in the belly of the bell of the beast with Foxy. Meanwhile in the belly of the BEAST, it sounds like Foxy is going crazy. The New York times is reporting that she screamed from her cell, “I want commissary! I want potato chips!” Well, somebody needs to handle that. She’s with child. Get her what she needs. Back to Spragga. He and Foxy been rollin’ pretty tight. The Dancehall great and Foxy hosted the Urban Music Awards in New York in July 07. They also were on the tour together in Africa. I’m just sayin…it makes sense.


This guy Polow Da Don has me all ready to write an editorial. At any rate, this dude has one of the illest, out-spoken interviews I have read in a long time. I’m not saying I agree with all that he says, but I am saying it is FRESH to hear somebody talk so free. Free as a bird to fly about on stage. (I think he's going to have to stick with White babes after this, because the sistas are not having it right now...most of them.)

Here is interview ONE and here is interview TWO. Below are a few quotes I found to be funny, flagrant or foolish!

“I am no longer calling myself the "King of White Girls," I am the Prince. Quincy Jones had the baddest white girls ever, and the most. I did my history and I ain't got s**t on Quincy Jones.“

“Black people get mad because I say that I'm the ‘King of the White Girls.’ You are an idiot. If anything, I should have Klansmen feeling disrespected.”

“American women have issues. Black women are the backbone of our families. If every Black woman got together and said, "We're not gonna date guys unless they have PhDs. We're not gonna date guys unless they have a Master’s [degree].” Guess what? In due time, n****s will stop selling dope and they'll start going to college. It's that simple. Again, all you have to do is refer to the “Willie Lynch Letter.”

“I feel like status and money allows you to be who you really are. I think that's why some people are in the closet, until they get rich, then go, "Oh! I'm gay."

“The problem is, most of your readers, especially on AllHipHop.com, don't know who they are and don't read, and are not educated.”

ISN’T THAT SPECIAL! We're smart and read over this side homey, fliduck what you heard - or read.


If you know Milk Dee, you know, he’s been a savvy business man and ghost writer for YEARS…no..decades. Here, he lets it be known that he’s still getting the paper thanks to people like 50 Cent.

And for memory lane, here is Milk and Giz aka The Audio Two from back in the day. He sampled himself! This is kinda refreshing and at the end, you can see a bunch of skinny old school cats that are mostly fat now!!


The new Nore interview has so many humdingers, I cant even start to tell you. He talked about the Nas/flower pot incident. You just gotta read this crazy mess! Here is one about when he left The Roc.

“I threw [Roc-A-Fella chain] s**t in the garbage. One day I was in 40/40 and something went wrong with the Roc La Familia situation, and I took off the chain, I took off the chain and let everyone see it and threw it in the garbage.”

Like I said, you have read this one…its long, but Nore keeps it for real.


Don’t tell me how old this is, because I know its old. I just never talked about it. Dr. Dre has sued Death Row for ownership of 1992 classic album "The Chronic." What’s happening is that Death Row is going through some bankruptcy stuff and somebody ELSE might actually be able to purchase the rights to the CD that we all know and love. Anyway, Dre is saying that he owns the copyrights. In the suit, Dre said he was the main performer and producer of The Chronic. Dre was supposed to get paid from Death Row in royalties in exchange for him giving up the copyrights to the album. He was never paid so he has he should retain those copyrights. HOO HA!


The new Public Enemy (How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???) is the hardest CD out right now….I’ve been listening religiously since I BOUGHT IT. It is one heck of an album…get it, please. Anyway, there is a song I live called “Amerikan Gangsta.” (I got it posted in the music section.) Here is the rumor:

On the song, in the last verse Chuck D says:

“New Generation, they getting ready for prison/ Forbidden/peep the hand that’s hidden/Ready to Die? That sounds like quitting…”

“Dyin is easy…You aint got to be ready. Life is hard…”

On the same Public Enemy album, KRS one says a rap that evokes the death of Jam Master Jay. But he quotes:

“Make sure when you spit rap / If you aint ready to die, yo don’t spit that!”

It sure sounds like they are saying something, because rappers don’t even come off like they ready to die anymore. They ready to dance and jig it up! Maybe Chuck is still mad when Biggie sampled him for the "10 Crack Commandments," 'cause Chuck sued Preem and Bad Boy.

“I’m married to the rumors – now they throwing rice!” – illseed!


Hip-Hop never died but AllHipHop is bringing in “The Rebirth.”

Here you have the community, music, styles, showmanship and artists to make this AllHipHop week of festivities an unforgettable celebration. YEAAAAHH, BABY!

Kicking off the Week which is the Annual AllHipHop BBQ Presented by Polo Grounds Music / J Records. This event will consist of great food, the hottest music, and a meet and greet with AllHipHop staff and celebrities including Polo Grounds / J Records artists Cassidy,Emily King and Hurricane Chris. Festivities will take place at 12 noon on Saturday September 15th. (Location to be announced)

You might have heard of the “rebirth of slick, but on Sunday September 16th, The AllHipHop Urban Art Show offers “The Rebirth of ILL” at the Nubian Heritage in Harlem. This will take place between 1pm and 5 pm and feature acclaimed artists and graffiti pioneers.

On Monday September 17th at 8pm, AllHipHop will take on fashion with AllHipHop Presents Rebirth of Fashion: Hear and Now fashion show, showcasing emerging and top urban designers and trendsetters and celebrity models including Cassie, DJ Envy, Trey Songs, Nina Sky and more. The "Hear" part means, there are going to be a lot of performers as well as models! More people are being added as I type this!

Tuesday September 18th, AllHipHop teams up with Kids' Block & Jumpstart’s "Read for the Record” to present the AllHipHop Kids Block Party from 12:30pm to 2:30pm at the Bank Street Head Start Center. AllHiphop, Kids' Block & Jumpstart’s will present a Hip-Hop rendition of ‘The Story of Ferdinand’ followed by a Kids Block party.

Later that evening, AllHipHop Celebrity Rap Battle/ Breeding Ground goes down at S.O.B’s from 7pm to 12am. Well-known MC’s will be given the opportunity to prove yet again why they hold the top spot, while emerging emcees grind their way to prominence. I’m not going to say all that goes on here…but, ever wonder if FOUR prominent rappers in the Hip-Hop community - from the South, West, East and MidWest - took the art of battling back to the essence of the game? Miss this if you want. This one is going to be CRAZY!

Wednesday, September 19th, brings the Social Lounge, which will be held at BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College), featuring Dr. Cornel West, Rev Al Sharpton and a pair of outspoken Hip-Hop heads, will will be revealed soon. They will be discussing current social and political issues that affect the Hip-Hop community. BRIDGING THE GAP!

On Thursday September 20th, a three-headed monster is born! AllHipHop, MySpace and Chamillionaire get together for an unforgettable evening. “AllHipHop.com presents “The Release” featuring CHAMILLIONAIRE and brought to you by Myspace." As Paris Hilton would say, “HOT.”

Bringing AllHipHop Week to a close on September 21st, will be the AllHipHop Rebirth Finale Concert at Nokia Theater. Here we bring together various forms of Hip-Hop music and reclaim ownership of our culture. We offer you Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Cassidy and Hurricane Chris. Don’t be surprised if there are surprises…you remember the sleepers last year.



It has come to my attention that multiple rumors are emerging and circulating around the internet and the streets. So I will use this announcement to clarify these statements.

Around 3 ½ weeks ago I asked to be released from the label I’ve been signed to. After that occurrence all legal procedures have been properly handled in accordance.

Basically there’s an instance in which we all run out of patience and take upon action to better our situation. I think I’ve been loyal since the beginning to the label and the individuals that run it. I have devoted 6 years of my life to making our movement prosper with no realistic reward or success knowing my worth and what I’m capable of.

If for any reason I happen to fail to accomplish what I intend to which is be successful I feel more comfortable knowing it will be from a decision I made and not one that was made by the next man.

The chain that supposedly was taken away from me, is and has been in my possession since it was purchased but I refuse to wear it because I have mentally moved on meaning I’d rather have no type of affiliation with d-block at all I’m past that point in my life I have a whole new focus which is concentrating on making my new movement as strong and successful as possible.

And for the record the chain was not giving to me by the label but instead purchased by me so picture me letting someone take it away from me…..lol. To put everything in perspective I will be releasing multiple freestyles and songs on various mixtapes under my own company.

So now that I have clarified the situation. I will give ya a glimpse of what’s to come.

I will be signed to my own label O.D.G Ent. (On Da Grind) as of next week.

Last but not least you can log on to youtube.com to see the 5 minute video interview showing the chain and actual release forms……Say good bye to D-Block and say hello to ODG!!!! Fans be on the lookout who knows who will be next to pull another publicity stunt!


I heard that the anticipated Nas and Kelis reality show has been cancelled! And why are the people of Canada hating on Nasir? Answer me, Canada!

Rumor has it, Immortal Technique dissed the mess out of 50 Cent at Scribble Jam.

Here is a rumor that is coming true! The Luniz are getting back together to release an album really soon. Yukmouth and Numskull – the new operation stackola. (Remember how Biggie hijacked Playa Hater?)

I want to shout out everybody on my myspace…I TRY to reply, but it’s a lot. I read ‘em (reply a lot) and want to say thanks for the motivation.

From what I understand, radio host Michael Baisden is hosting a march on Sept 20 2007 in Jena, LA. We’re riding for the Jena 6!


Let me be the first to say that I am a HUGE Amy Winehouse fan. I am not a huge fan of her a$$! I wish I never saw this thing..she is lackin’ in the backin.’ Thanks, Black! Now, nightmares will come forth.

Kanye at the listening event!


Leona Helmsley's dog could have Mike Vick killed! The mutt is the recipient of a $12 million inheritance. Two of Helmsley's grandchildren got nothing from her! She was worth BILLIONS AT THE TIME OF HER DEATH! Anyway, she dissed the grand kids and there are reasons they know. They must feel like idiots for their granny’s MUTT to be worth more than they are. Meanwhile there are mad humans that could use that $12 million and put it to good use. LIKE ME! I guess she can do with her money whatever she wants, even if it’s a sign that its all coming to an end.


This is too funny to be real. Checkout how this drunk man actually “owns” the cop.

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