Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of G. Dep Confessing To Murder Released

Back in 2010, former Bad Boy artist G. Dep walked into a New York police station and confessed to shooting a man in a botched robbery. The cops matched the description he gave them of the crime with a shooting that ended in a death and officially charged G. Dep with murder. Now the confession video has surfaced online. You can watch it below:

G. Dep has plead not guilty and says that they have matched him to the wrong crime. According to the police report, G. Dep confessed to shooting a clean-shaven blonde man in a green plaid jacket, while the person killed in this case had brown hair, a beard and was wearing a tan leather jacket.

"He's not even sure if the person he said he shot actually got shot," Dep's lawyer told jurors. "All of you have to decide if the descriptions match up," he said.

This is like a bad episode of "The First 48".