Hip-Hop Rumors: Waka Lashes Out At Jeezy! Mike Tyson Returns To Box?!


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Some people think those Waka pic earlier may have been the work of a Photoshop master...no.

Waka reportedly has declared war on CTE too. I heard at a show he said "F**K CTE." Also, you see Waka has a lil' shiner...he said the other dude looks way worse. Oh, and he called Slick Pulla "D**k Pulla." Pretty clever. Now, I hope he doesn't get shot or knucked down over it.


Waka Flocka is getting PIZ-AID! Peep this! One of my people in Gary, IN hit me up and told me that Waka got the kids upset. Why? This dude does a show for adults and a separate show for teens/kids. So, basically he did a show for the kids first and then one for the kids. Well, when the show was over for the kids, somebody got mad and started shooting the place up. My people L.O.D., Killah and P-Style Records were supposed to rock before Waka and didn’t. Thank, kids! But, Waka has a show for adults and kids…isn’t that the same things these days though?


So, Diddy has never done a Biggie party in BK? Now, that is all about to change tomorrow as all of NY will celebrate the life and times of the Notorious One. I guess, I am interested in knowing how BK will receive the Dirty Money crew on Biggie's Day. I also heard that Diddy may be trying to make March 9 an official holiday. We'll see. But this party is supposed to be huge and everybody's trying to go. People are auctioning off tickets and everything. Pretty crazy! 13 years since Biggie was killed...insane.


Hey! I never thought I would be typing these words, but I am. there is a rampant rumor than Mike Tyson is going to be coming back to the boxing ring. And, this isn't some hoax....even thought its a rumor. But, Mike Tyson is supposed to be coming back to grace us with his presence by the end of the year. YUP. Man, they are saying Mike is going to fight Evander and he's back with Don King! This is crazy! LOL...Evander may beat that butt.


Jeez! I'll tell you! Its coming to an end! Police in South Korea have arrested a man and a women that let their child die from starvation. Well, there is a catch. The catch is these crazy fools spent hours and hours at an internet cafe caring for a virtual baby. They fed their real baby about once a day and the other hours of the day, they were tending to the fake one. They were a 41-year-old father and 25-year-old mother. The baby died after three months, but they said they were discovered much later. Anyway, the couple both lost their jobs and "lived" in this fake world to escape. Meanwhile, their baby died.


Jeez! What is wrong with people? I think America is imploding! Look at this one! Newark, NJ is taking the fail this time. There are six women in the city that rushed their a$$ to the hospital! Why? They were trying to get a$$ injections in Newark and they were using a crazy mixture of hardware-grade caulk, silicone and petroleum jelly! What the hell! All of the women were from the Dominican Republic, reports say. The New Jersey Department of Health reported the incidents, which took place at a Hotel in Newark. No charges have been filed against anybodyt that may have injected the freakin CAULK in these women!

The end is near!!!


Earlier last week

Ozone Magazine owner, Julia Beverly, wrote an article claiming Gucci

Mane's booking agent was cheating promoters out of money amongst other

bad business practices and was actually doing so bad that they lost

their offices. Well the subject of these rumors Johnnie Cabbell of

Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment took to the net to set the record straight:


South Park treatment now the Family Guy folks are taking a swing. 

Kanye will be featured on "The Cleveland Show" May 1 as a local rapper

"Kenny West" who battles Cleveland son. I haven't seen an entire

episode yet. Let me know if it's worth a watch???

CHRIS'S NEW PIECESome folks are saying this is Chris's new main jawn. Doesn't sound

like anything too serious but who knows??? She HAS met the family

already. Her name is Draya and she's a single mother/video vixen. CB

flew her out to VA last week for 12-hours of quality time and a movie. 

Check out how she's been gushing on Twitter about her new "boo":

In other Chris news...he will be reading to kids at the Sisulu-Walker Charter School in New York real soon. Still tryna clean that image up I see.

I'M JUST SAYIN'Happy Birthday to Shawn Milton Simmons Jr. down in VA...lol yea I used your whole name!!!Russell Simmons

was leaving an event and as he went to get his car keys he dropped a

used "Magnum" rapper. He didn't notice before someone scooped it up.

His ex-wife, Kimora was in spitting distance.Russell also says Jay-Z and Puff learned a lot of their business

acumen from their Jewish counterparts. *Flashback* Beanie and his

Jay-Z tennis ball story on "Average Cat".

T.I.'s sentence should be over by the end of this month. Meaning no more halfway house.I caught some of "Freaknik" last night. Hilarious I gotta catch the rest.Mos Def is being sued by a European composer for sampling his work. He says "I expect [him] to respect the labor of others."

YOU BE THE JUDGELMAO...not a lot of tom foolery going on so enjoy this comic nugget. Good to see some non-ethnic folk acting a fool on TV:

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