Hip-Hop Rumors: Waka's Gangster Mom! Fantasia's Sex Tape's Coming!

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I have to be the one to say "Ew..." Fantasia is going to have a sex tape released pretty soon. Well, basically, this dude "Cook" that she was/is messing with has a wife. Anyway, Cook dude's wife now says that there is a sex tape of Fantasia somewhere. The wife says that Fantasia rubbed it in her face that she stole her man, but has publicly denied an affair. BUT, she does have "COOK" tatted on her upper torso. She met dude in a T-Mobile store. How does this happen? Did I mention that North Carolina is one of seven states in the USA that has a ''home wrecker'' law.


I'm telling you! Waka Flocka's mom is no joke. She blasts everybody including the good people over at VIBE...lol...I'm glad she didn't notice me.

I would fight Waka before I test his mom. Word...on everything!

Remember this?


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then

they should worry!