Hip-Hop Rumors: Wale Got Beat Up? Lil Wayne's Ex Gets Re-Married?


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UH OH! Did the Kid Cudi beef take a turn at "Gangsta Lane" and get violent? I doubt it, but that didn't stop Wale from getting beat up in his native Washington D.C., people say. Rumor has it that he had a party at club Love in D.C. and didn't get into his own party! Damn! But, here is the rumor...people saying he got beat up outside or something. Mind you, there are people claiming to be eyewitnesses to this. They also saying that none of his friends helped him. True or false? Wale says false. "Woke up to rumors....fret not...all is well in chocolate city," he said. He did admit that he didn't get into Love. OK, that is all.

Quick update: other sources say Wale didn't get beat up at Love, but another place that he went to after that was unavailable. The Love club spot was hosted by Trey Songz so it was crazy. Seems like people took offense that Wale isn't reppin' DC the way they want him to rep. Sounds like something dumb if it happened.


I heard MempHitz and Toya (Weezy's ex-wife) got married over the weekend. Well, isn't that something. From what I understand, they will take this to the next level and air it on Toya's solo reality show when it airs. The melding of business and reality are colliding big time! OH, did I mention Toya's allegedly pregnant too? Yep.



I thought you may want another side to Gucci Face. Why not?

He needs to star rapping...that's all he can do right about now as far as a job is comcerned.


This is the tranny? Does this look like a tranny? Chingy can never come back to rapafter this one. 


DMX is what the rap game needs...here is a preview of "Get Your Money Up."


Shout out to my homey DiShaw! He saw dead prez in Baltimore yesterday and told me they they have a few album coming out in November. Support that, complainers!

I heard some promoters may be feeling a certain way after a New York rapper performed for 30 minutes for $5,500. OUCH!

On the flip side, Mikey T tells me that

Lindsay Lohan was hosting shows

for as low as 2500 dollars a gig before

she went to jail & rehab.

Death Row Records has launched a clothing line. Humph!

Have 50 Cent and Young Buck ended the beef? Streets iz talking.

Octomom has finally had to bow down and apply for welfare. Maybe she should have done Playboy when they offered??? I'm just sayin!

Reggae superstar Bounty Killer was arrested over the weekend! A woman came to police all bloodied and said he tore her up.


By the way, Drake said he didn't really write a letter to Jimi. It was more of a note.


My boy Steven P. sent me a video - an oldie but a goodie indeed. The Breakfast song!

WALE, WE LOVE YOU! CUDI GOT GOONS!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!