Hip-Hop Rumors: Was 2Chainz Shot and Robbed?

THE FINAL UPDATE: HEY PEOPLE! This is the rumor section! Its not supposed to be confirmed or even factual for that matter! Stop with the malarky like you (or I) are journalists. Here is the official news story on this. He was NOT shot, but you can see how being first can make for some info being off.

NEWS: 2 Chainz Robbed In Broad Day Light In San Francisco

UPDATE #3: Sources have hit up AHH and said that 2Chainz performed about 30 minutes ago and its just past 2am EST. So, the rumors of being shot are basically sh*t. Stay tuned.

UPDATE #2: "2 Chainz was reportedly buying weed cookies from a medical marijuana dispensary when he was robbed in San Francisco."

UPDATE: Early reports suggested that there was an attempted robbery of 2Chainz that failed. But, still there are rumors that a bodyguard was shot in the robbery attempt. Some say 2Chainz never got shot, but was robbed. Basically, there are several variations of this rumor.

WTF! They are saying on Twitter that our beloved 2 Chainz has been shot twice and robbed!!!! SH*T! I hope this isn't the case! But, it sure feels bad. Sheeeesh! 2Chainz has not been on twitter for hours! God bless him if something has happened.

It seems it started right here in the tweet below!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.



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