Hip-Hop Rumors: Wayne and Nivea Together Again! A Pregnant MAN? Remy Ma Cries In Court?


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Remy Ma found guilty on four charges and faces up to 25 years in jail.

T.I. goes down too. Pleads guilty and will do a year in and 1,000 hours of community service.

L.A. Times writer says “I was duped” by false information! BOOOOOO! Sounds like G.W. or somebody!

Afrika Bambaataa Brings Zulu Beatz to XM!

The Roots Headlining Earth Day 2008

REMY, REMY, REMY!!!!!!!!!

Look, I know she is convicted and found guilty, but I liked Remy Ma. It’s on the record. I heard she was totally upset at the verdict of guilt and left the courthouse in tears, crying all the way out. She’s going to jail now and wont even get to come out at all before sentencing. Sad. But, wrong is wrong. I am not a fool. I just hate to see people throw their life away, even if its for a few years. People have so much potential. Call me ignorant, but after Lady Drama, I'm doing a Remy Ma dedication!!

I don't way to hear:

Any jokes about "the box" or "boxes."

What is Fat Joe thinking right now?

Will Papoose still marry her?

Is Lil' Kim gonna get all wreckless?

Will she cross paths with Foxy real fast?


Today Jimmy Henchman is doing interviews at various networks and I hear he is even doing a live broadcast on CNN to discuss a lawsuit being launched against the L.A. Times and writer Chuck Phillips, aka Scott Templeton. This is the “epic lawsuit” we mentioned before. Did I tell you how much I want know the the person that coined the term “epic lawsuit.” It sounds so grand, so destructive like they are about the annihilate something serious! Anyway, I am hearing that Diddy, Henchman and even 90’s rapper Little Shawn are suing for a host of things, including defamation of character. I even heard this story is going to unearth the one and only “Haitian” Jacques Agnant. Word is he's been making calls from Haiti. You know, he was deported for some federal conviction. I guess he's angry that this story turned out to be false too! I wish Tupac was around to comment on all this f**kery!At least part of this rumor has been confirmed. Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond made his intentions clear though a statement."While we are gratified that the LA Times has

acknowledged basing their article on fabricated FBI reports, their apology does not go far enough. Too often public figures are libeled and thought to be unwilling to defend themselves from the lies of bullying, publicity-hungry journalists. The fact is that Chuck Phillips placed Mr. Rosemond and his family in a potentially dangerous situation due to his actions which amounted to more than mere neglect: his actions were done with reckless disregard for the truth and for

that the LA Times will be held responsible."


I heard The Roots removed “Birthday Girl” from their album and they were unable to mention that Patrick Stump was the lead singer of Fall Out Boy on the CD. The Okay players weren’t playing the Fall Out Boy stuff even though they are a well-respected act!

I’m sorry. Yesterday I was called ignorant for my Easter comments. I’m not ignorant, but I am wack. Earlier today, I said that Woody was the chubby member of Dru Hill. I was totally being lazy. I truly didn’t care enough to find out or research which was Woody to I guessed knowing you would correct me. Thanks. Jazz is the plumper. LOL.

LA Times editor Russ Stanton says, "The bottom line is that the documents we relied on should not have been used. We apologize both to our readers and to those referenced in the documents and in the story."

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman skinny dip every night, I heard. Why I typed that, I don’t know.


The Center for Disease Control estimates one out of two Black teenage girls in America has a sexually transmitted disease. Reports say that teen in general underestimate the chances of contracting an STD and they don’t really know the health risks associated with unprotected sex. But, do you believe that stat? I am not in denial, but I find it hard to believe that 50% of all Black females have "something." We have to be mindful of the way they collect this data. Anyway...HOLLA DEN.


A woman that lives as a man with a wife is having a baby. O-M-G.


Is it A Wrap for Usher and Tameka…. Sort Of

So we all know there was no love in the club for Tameka on the set of Usher's new video for "Love in the Club" because she was hating on Keri Hilson the whole shoot. But now I'm hearing whispers that the blow up on the set may have sent Usher over the edge and he's posted in LA while Tameka and the kids flew back to ATL. I really wish he would get rid of this brawlic chick once and for all. She's bringing him down and hurting his career! I'll keep you all posted on the status of this bumpy ride I'm sure is about to take place. Y'all know she's hood aint gon be nothing but drama. I love it.

Wayne's Knocking it Down Again..... He Hopes

Wayne and Nivea were spotted chilling all comfy cozy at Noir last night. Must be the power of the puss.... (yall finish the rest) In any event they look cute together. Glad to see Nivea Bouncing back after The Dream ditched her for that broad in his Falsetto video. They look cute together. Wayne put the cup down damn wasn't pimp C enough. No comment on Nivea's hair it's not even worth the time I'm sure she's just content with the free publicity! You better work girl.

Lady Drama's Food for Thought

Are you all curious to know what type of high Vivica Fox in on to deny getting a nose job? Come on Viv you can't be serious.

Does anyone else hope that the first pregnant man in USA will put his labor on you tube? Just a thought.

Also...I'm taking up a collection plate to save Kelly Rowland's career anybody besides illseed willing to give? [Illseed note: Oh...this is the hate day, L.D? As long as we're talking about Kelly, Kelly is FINE. You know the rules!]

Since Remy is headed to jail is anyone else waiting for BET to do a reality show?

Who's subscribing to playboy after Delishiss and Angel Lola grace the cover? Rejects....

R.Kelly is casting for his new video 'Braid my Hair'... Wait wasn't that done already by Mario?


Remy Ma cracks dat Wonder Woman!

Weather man song (Fat Joe diss)

Shesus Khryst!!!

Remy Ma at AllHipHop Week 07!

Remy Ma at AHH Week 06!

Remy Ma - "Whateva!"

"Conceited" remix with Papoose, Lil' Wayne, and Jae Millz

MOP - "Ante Up" remix with Busta Rhymes and Remy!


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