Hip-Hop Rumors: Weezy Fights Drugs? Toya's New Man!? Shawty Lo Returns!



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

CHANCE ENCOUNTERSThis is my homeboy Chance and here are his rumors!SHAWTY LO IS BACK

Shawty Lo bought the ATL rap world out Wednesday for his "Atlanta, GA" video shoot. The song features Ludacris, The Dream and Gucci Mane (who couldn't make it...you know why). Soulja Boy and Young Joc even showed up. Wonder how Joc's situation is going I dig dude a little...pause.


Lil Wayne is no stranger to the War On Drugs. He's caught several charges and I believe a few are still pending. Well the DEA has recognized his uncanny ability to consume large amounts of drugs and have partnered with the Mexican governments to clean up their streets. CAM WANTS HIS TAPE

I've been waiting for this new Cam'ron DJ Drama tape and I know a lot of you have too. What has been the hold up?? Check out Cam calling Drama to find out:


Remember KeKe Palmer the little girl from Akeelah And The Bee??? Well she has grown into a tween superstar as True Jackson on the Nickelodeon show True Jackson VP. She was also dating Young Money's Lil Twist but I'm not sure if that's still the case...either way looks like she picked up some skills:


I didn't catch many episodes of Tiny and Toya, but from what I did see, Toya wasn't really over Wayne yet Apparently that's not the case anymore. She has been dating Memphitz, the man who discovered T. Pain & Huey, the host of BET's The Deal and an alumni of the last school I got kicked out of (Institute Of Audio Research). They have taken their relationship to the next level and went and got matching tattoos. Guess they're all in.


Antonia Carter (Toya):

I'M JUST SAYIN'Ne-Yo is dating the woman that Steve Mcnairs mistress thought was coming between them, causing her to snap. This just doesn't sound good.Uh ohhhhhh ... One of Tiger's jawns is shopping a tell-all where she will reveal that he sleeps with men.Maino predicts RiRi's gonna give us some girl-on-girl action this year ... *fingers crossed* he WAS right about her and CB.I know the Lil' Wayne thing was a joke...in case that wasn't clear.FYI Matt Kemp is no stranger to dating R&B chicks...his ex is Letoya Luckett:

MAJOR MAINSTREAMHip-Hop is like a soap opera nowadays so naturally rappers would start popping up on actual soap operas. Snoop Dogg recently guest starred on an episode of One Life To Live slated to air next month. Check out the behind the scenes footage.

Speaking of Snoop ... he also popped up on CBS's I Get That A Lot where celebrities try to convince regular people they are also regular people who just look like celebrities:

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MISS MOUTH'S RUMORS!Here are a few rumors from Miss Mouth...

Did anyone else hear that Luda

is having a hard time promoting the Cognac that he endorses?

And by the way…. I’m gonna need

Letoya Luckett to get some PROFESSIONAL DANCERS instead of her “friends

& nem” from her boutique. And folks need to hop off Beyonce’s

case. If she supports terrorism, well that’s her business. Yall are

mad that nobody is offering to pay yall 2 milli for a private performance!

I don’t know about you losers but for 2 million dollars I would perform

for Bin Laden himself. [lol ...illseed cannot condone such ideas]



And how in the h*ll is Uncle

Russy gonna defend her? Wasn’t he the one who blew her cover by twitting

the pics? I heard that she was denying the performance at first. 

Twitter is getting everyone

in trouble these days…. And I love it!


Did you know that Mo’Nique's stylist was killed by her own husband. And then the sick bastard

drove around for two days with the body still in the car. That is horrible,

they should throw his a**under the jail. Here is the statement:"We are all saddened by Maureen's passing but we also rejoice in having

had the opportunity to know her sweet, soulful spirit. Live each day to

the fullest."


Did anyone else see this fool

on “Celebrity Rehab?” Why would he be ordered by the court to attend

rehab if he didn’t have a chemical dependency? Dr. Drew was giving

him the business. Dennis is very entertaining but he comes off as extremely

arrogant, disrespectful and rude. Illseed, now who does that sound like J

Heidi Fleiss, the queen of the whores, is also on this season along

with America’s Next Top Model reject Lisa. This season is proving

to be off of the hook!!!


What in the h*ll is going on

with pop stars lately? Former B2K member J.Boog joins the ranks of other

Teeny Boopers that will “Beat A B*tch To The White Meat.” Below

he responds to the allegations; 

“I wanted to reach out

to my fans right away to clear up the allegations circulating the web. I did not get charged with any form of domestic violence against the mother of my children. I love and respect all of the women in my life and would never harm any of them. Domestic violence is a very serious matter and one that should be treated that way, however this was not a case of domestic abuse. I was taken into custody due to outstanding traffic violations. I took care of the situation, no charges were filed, and I was released Tuesday evening. Thank you to my fans who stood by me regardless of any circulating rumors. I am looking forward to a great year in 2010 for Fizz & Boog and hope that you will continue to

support. Thank you.” -Jarell “Boog” Houston