Hip Hop Rumors: Were The Game and Tiffney Cambridge's Kids Injured During Fight??


Say it ain't so...

A few weeks ago it was reported that The Game had been involved in an altercation with fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, which resulted in her nose being broken, and she has taken to steps to file charges.

Well more details are starting to spill out about just how down and dirty this fight may have been.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Cambridge says that a was table broken during the brawl, injuring the couple's kiddos. Their 3-year-old daughter yelled for help because her leg was bleeding, and when she went to help, this infuriated Game that much more.

Cambridge claims Game told her "move the f*** out the way" called her a bitch and continued the brutal assault tearing her clothing and beating her to a pulp.

"I will end it all," he reportedly said.

Cambridge is stating that after the fight, Game told the children that if the police were called both mommy and daddy would go to jail, and we not allow her nor the children to leave the house.

Eventually they were allowed to leave and Cambridge went to the hospital to find out that her nose was broken.

The new season of 'Marrying the Game' is set to start up May 7th on VH1.

We wonder how this season will play out or if Game will be out to catch the season finale...