Hip-Hop Rumors: What 90's Legend Is looking At Jail Time?

The era known as the 90's was a helluva ride! And there were groups and artists that took the game to the next leveel. One of those crews was The Beatnuts, Psycho Les and JuJu. Well, guess what? Les has some issues and may be facing time!


A judge said:

“Psycho Les, will be held in contempt of court and an arrest warrant will be issued if he doesn’t appear.”

Here's what happened. Les and JuJu did a show and he implored some woman to get on stage with them. I guess she didn't really want to get on stage. But, was allegedly yanked up. When she was pulled, she sliced her leg on something. She already won a judgement and was awarded $25,000.

The woman's lawyer said:

”During the show Fernandez and his band The Beatnuts were playing at the Belly Up, the lawsuit said he made repeated overtures to get her on stage, which she declined. He then forcibly pulled her up, slicing her leg on a sharp edge of the stage in the process. If Fernandez is arrested, I will request a cash-only bond of no less than the current running balance of the judgment, which was $24,769 as of Feb. 15.”

Now, Les needs to come to court and handle that business. Or else.

The Beatnuts - "Reign Of The Tec"

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