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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I promise you I have more rumors to offer you good people but I was too busy compiling funnies for Kanye and Lil Mama. So, I am giving you these rumors from me and Chance and I will get back to you with more in a bit.

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Lil Mama’s Turn: The Photoshop Sessions

Kanye West: The Jokes Won't Stop


I know Kanye has and had several major endorsements in his day, but now I am hearing that the rapper may see some tougher days ahead after Sunday’s fiasco. We all know the story, but I am hearing that several corporate sponsors may be withdrawing their financial support of the rapper, because of his move at the VMAs. Now, I know we’ve all been pretty critical of ‘Ye, but IS IT ALL THAT? I mean, I have to ask. Did Kanye attack somebody? Did he spit on Taylor Swifty like, “Eff you, you devil!!! Beyonce should have won!!!” NO. He didn’t and therefore I cannot support boycotts on this level. When I heard little things here and there, I thought “Oh, the usual boycott talk,” but this is a bit different.

There are rumors that Kanye is on suicide watch. I hope not. That seems rather extreme, right?


I got the word for yallllllll! You know, Hip-Hop needs to see a functional family like the Carters. But, I have some bad news for the haters. Beyonce and Jay didn’t have an epic fight that resulted in Jay going out with Rihanna. Beyonce went to work! I heard from a super reliable source that B jumped onto a private plane and jetted over to Australia for a show. On top of this, my Aussie friend Tommy G from Melbourne, Australia again hit me up and confirmed this! He told me he was in the mix for the "I Am" Australian tour at Rod Laver Arena last night. Beyonce just made it there on time too…she was on a plane within an hour of leaving the VMA’s!


Uh OH! 50 Cent is going in on his adversary. Check it out and let me know what you think of this one!


Accoring to the internets, Russell Simmons went spazzola at Charlotte Ronson's show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Friday. Check out what RadarOnline.com reported.

"He flipped out over his seating," an eyewitness tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. "He thought his seat was given away and lost it on some poor staffer on the runway moments away from the show's start.

"When I walked in here, there was like 40 seats," Simmons was heard griping. "Now, there's nothing. Where am I supposed to sit?"

When the girl didn't reply promptly enough the hip-hop king, who preaches the benefit of the calming effect of his yoga prowess, angrily demanded, "Where's your boss? Where's the lady in charge? Who do I have to talk to? Come on now."

After talking to the head seater of the show, Simmons was still not pacified, and let her have it. In the midst of the tirade the staffer asked him to "please calm down" which prompted Simmons to fume "I am calm! I'm a calm person!"

Fortunately, seconds before the show started, the seater cleared two seats for Simmons, who sat down with such force he caused his neighbors to jump.

Thanks RadarOnline!



Hey, somebody sent me a very nasty and ignorant message about something I posted yesterday. I post up so much stuff, its crazy. But what’s crazier is somebody thinking they can tell me what I can or can’t post. There are only a few people that can do that and that person’s not one of them. With that said, here is some more of the stuff that idiot hated. Professor Griff of Public Enemy fame has something to say.


Wanted to shout out hexmurda, a columnist for AHH and staple in the Detroit rap scene, has been hospitalized for reasons unknown. Don’t worry about why….just pray for the homey.

Also pray for Ella Ann of The Bangz. The female rapper was shot and is now in critical condition.

I find it interesting that MTV gave Lil Mama a stage to explain herself after crashing the VMA’s finale. Hmmmmmmm…

How foul is this. OJ Simpson’s ex-girlfriend said that he probably committed the murder.


This girl goes hard and more ways that one.


Obama must not realize the power of the internet. He called Kanye a “jackass” and some overly ambitious reporter tweets something off the record to over a million followers. SMH. I don’t know that I’m feeling Obama calling ‘Ye a jackass though. He should have called the putz congress man that called him a “liar” a jackass. Do you agree?


Here is the section for Chance. As you know, he speaks and reps himself - not illseed or AllHipHop. With that said - LET'S GO!


Beatz was enjoying the festivities at the Kush Lounge (my kind of

place) with ex-side-chick turned wifey Alicia Keys when guess who shows

up? Swizz's ex-wife Mashonda. Seeing as

Alicia has been credited with breaking up the marriage AND it was a

surprise birthday party for Swizz that Alicia was THROWING I would have

been a little nervous when she walked in the door *checks for exits*. 

However, the two never crossed paths and Mashonda was out of there

within a half hour. Mashonda might wanna fall back; I don't think

Miss. Keys is playing around.


Jocks (pause) don't have a

reputation for being the smartest people in the world (no shots) but

apparently there's a high demand for their brains. A lot of retired

players have already agreed to donate their brains to science when they

die in order to help researchers understand sports brain injuries. 

Matt Birk (Ravens), Lofa Tatupu (Seahawks) and Sean Morey (Cardinals)

have become the first active players to donate theirs. Ellis Lanksder (Bills) may want to have his looked at IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! 

Check out this remix video: (if you didn't see the original click his name above)


and Kelis are back together? Guess Nas smartened up and realized it's

cheaper to keep her. Hopefully it works out. Here's an example of why

it didn't and probably wont. Here's a young lady/groupies account of

meeting Nas earlier this year right before the divorce.


was at a gas station in Soho.. He was with two of his homeboys, some 6'3" King Kong black dudes who were driving him around. Nas was pumping gas and I was coming out from buying some snacks and I see this dude lookin' at me...dude has a 'big boss aura...I was trying to place his face, as I was walking closer I saw the mole and placed the face as being Mr.Nasir Jones...Right then and there I turned groupie... After a good 5 minute conversation of him asking the basics, where was I off to.. Who was I rollin with.. Ect. We exchanged numbers, he said he had some business to handle in the city but he'd hit me up that night, around 8...Later that night Nas hit me up, told me to meet him at The St. Regis Hotel. I met him there, by myself, and he was sittin' in the lobby with his homeboys eatin'. me to hold up he was discussing some business. Finally after 40 minutes he got up...showing me to the elevator to the room. I knew what it was!He took off my heels for me. He was smiling like he knew this was bout to be some trouble, worked his way up and started playin with my fat kitty through my underwear...I got wet really fast and he took notice by saying my "shit was drippin." He didn't go down on me, I can understand since it was a groupie type of deal, but when he gave the notion for me to go down, I didn't hesitate. I played with the tip of his dick, teasing him, and he was lickin his lips. He didn't moan when I sucked his dick.. But when I got on top and rode him he was whispering "Oooh shit..." real low. Nas is VERY hung. His dick is smooth, and he smells like a million bucks, almost like baby powder. No fish funk downstairs. He was about to cum when I was on top so he made me spread my legs on the bed... He teased me before he put it in which was killing me considering I wanted to come WHILE I was riding. He continued playing with my inner thighs and sticking his fingers inside of me. He stuck it inside and pulled my hair back. I was moaning really loud, and finally I heard big moans. "Fuck..." Nas is a rough but quiet lover. He doesn't turn his phone off, so it was ringing off the hook

the whole time. And I do mean the whole time [The wife maybe???]. Nas made me come 3 times,

and I don't even come sometimes during sex. He never called me again

after the fact"I'M JUST SAYING

Saw Taylor Swift on The View and saw Pink on The

Today Show ... I don't agree with what Kanye did but we need to have

his back so it doesn't turn into a pass for white America to vilify

another black man ... Let's nip this in the bud before it goes too far.

President Obama and ex-President Clinton had lunch in the Village

the other day ... Shame on all these negros acting up with our beloved

leader in the same city.Shout-out to everyone who e-mailed me their music. I'm not handing

out deals if that's what you were looking for but I do like to keep up

on what the streets and internets have to offer.I

posted these pics via twitter (ChanceCDR) and it sparked a bit of a

debate. I think Shia Douglas (Ashanti's sister) is sexy. Not in the

XXL Eye Candy kind of way; but if I saw her in the streets I'd

definietly get at her. ALL the guys seemed to agree and ALL the girls

disagreed (pointing to the cellulite). Am I wrong???

PeaceMORE LATER - TIL THEN - KISS THE RING!!!! - illseed

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