Hip-Hop Rumors: What Might Jay Z and Beyonce’s Dad Have In Common?

AllHipHop Staff

Are Jay And Mathew Knowles NOT Invited To Solange's Wedding?

Now this would be weird if there is any truth to the rumor. Somehow, I am going to be hopeful that it is not true. We know now that Solange is getting married this weekend. This we know. We know that Beyonce will be at the wedding too, which includes her hubby Alan Ferguson
. BUT, I am hearing from a very reliable source that nether Jay Z nor her own dad Mr. Mathew Knowles is invited to the wedding! Her DAD. And we all know that she and Jay had their fracas in the elevator. I’m thinking she needs to invite Jay since he didn’t knock her out when she assaulted him. But, I’ll defer to Kermit on that. Anyway, I do find it a bit crazy that Jay might not be there and Beyonce may go on without him. Sounds like a big argument at home tonight unless Jay is like me. As for Mathew Knowles, I think Solange is disappointed in him as a man with all that baby momma drama and cheating on their mother stuff. I hate weddings and wouldn’t want to be there anymore than I would want to be eaten alive by termites.