Hip-Hop Rumors: What Old School Rapper Is Ripping Off Young Artists?

Do you even know who Father MC is? I barely do so I know you probably don’t. But, Father MC is one of the first people to put Mary J. Blige in the game back in the day.

He had a hit record called “Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated” but rumors have it, he is not living by this creed.

Peep what HSK has on deck!

“Maybe it’s true that I set myself up.” ~Father MC, ‘Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated’
HSK Exclusive – Father MC seems to be working hard at cashing in over an illusion he’s said to be painting for rookie recording artists.
We’re told the “Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated” lyricist is scamming thousands of dollars out of each of the aspiring vocalists he bags — charging them seven-hundred dollars a recording session, while providing each of his alleged victims with the same musical production to lay their vocals on.
Sources tell us it all goes down at Killer Rabbit Studios in Studio City, California. But, before Father MC – whose real name is Timothy Brown – secures the scam, we’re told he claims to be living in Eddie Van Halen’s former Studio City home; says his Armenian girlfriend – Amy – is Kim Kardashian’s cousin; and keeps a quartet of designer toy dogs – for show – while exposing the animals to cruel and inhumane conditions.
Here’s the drop:
“Father MC is still ripping off them new jacks, selling the same music to his clients. He’s charging them seven-hundred bucks a session, and they’re not allowed to leave the studio with the finish song.
Father tells the new jacks he’s shopping their song for a record deal, and that he’ll get back to them. He never does. He’s pulling a fast one on these kids, with the help of his partner in crime, James Callahan.”
Is Father MC lacking a driver’s license over failing to provide child support — leading the reported rapper-turned scam artist to enlist an intern to drive him around LA in a black truck? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Chris…
We suspect aspiring singer Margaret Ann Garza to be one of Father MC’s victims. Here is a YouTube video – described as being produced by Father MC at Rabbits Studios – Garza uploaded in September 2012. Take a listen…

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