Hip-Hop Rumors: When Will It End? Cali GD's Pop Up Mad At Rozay?

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Rick Ross is NOT Slick Rick. Recently a lot of people have been confused. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

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Got damn, b! Maybe I should stop mentioning this GD'z! Its getting to be maddening, these GD's! I still haven't really gotten a full understanding of what happened? Seems like they got mad that he mentioned "Larry Hoover" on "BMF." Am I wrong? Anyway, the Cali GD'z say "Rick Ross Is In Trouble." It sounds like something your brother would say to you as you come in the house too late and your parents are pissed. This time, they are presumably killers with mad guns on youtube and they are showing their faces! I'd be in Paris, if these dudes had an issue with me. Farrakhan! Please come in and help us all! Turn them into soldiers or something! Let Rozay read the Holy Koran! Something! Anything!

Could the "Real" Freeway Rick be behind this? Somebody tipped me off to something.

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Why are ALL of them mad? Email me at kingillseed@gmail.com and I will publish responses.

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