Well, I should have known it was going to happen! Ain't no Dr. Dre droppin' in no parts of September! There is a rumor that Dr. Dre is preparing his re-entry into the game and guess who he's rumored to be recruiting? I hear The Game and Snoop have been plucked to be on the first single for "Detox."


Uhmmmmmm...on Friday, Jay-Z said that he was nowhere near going to Columbia, but I'm hearing some other details. I'm hearing the Hovito might be leaving and taking a lot of his close staff with him as well. I guess this is how the music industry works. When Lyor left Def Jam for Warner, he took mad people with him as well. Anyway, Jay reportedly would like more "room" to flex his muscles at Def Jam, from what I've heard. If he could get that, I heard he would stay at Def Jam.

I also heard that Dame Dash is still being mentioned by the higher ups at Def Jam. He might come in some executive capacity, but not the same way as before.


First and foremost, I want to shout out my homey Young Skrilla aka Skrill Dilly for this exclusive interview. Lil’ Troy goes off on Pimp and Julia Beverly, the owner of Ozone magazine. This is getting very interesting. Credit to Troy for coming back kind of hard, because Pimp C was beastin’ everything in sight! Check out the clip!


When a cross-dresser gets at your song, you know it’s going to be some ish!


I won’t let them do it! Why is it when somebody like Diddy does everything right, with the exception of losing Kim Porter, do they want to tear them down. On the other site, Paris Hilton is an A-Lister!?! Anyway, the New York Post is now charging the Diddy is now a B-List celeb in St. Tropez, France because he was refused entry to a club or something. If I had a club, Paris, Britney and Lindsay would all be refused entry…mainly because I wouldn’t want to get run over!


You know that Tameka probably feels like a lottery winner that lost the winning ticket on the way to cash it in. WOW! While I am reluctant to speculate, because I don’t care all that much, it would appear that the recent allegations levied by Tameka’s sister have taken their toll. I didn’t cover it, but the National Enquirer let the world know that, Tameka ain’t a singer, but she has a record. A jail record. Here is an excerpt:

"Poor Usher has no idea who he's marrying," Tameka's half sister Valencia Foster told The Enquirer. "He's a wonderful guy - but Tameka is giving him a big-time snow job. "Tameka is an ex-con whose first lover was gunned down in a drug-related execution-style shooting.”

So, Ursh’s fiancée allegedly never bothered to tell Mr. Confession about this prior record. According to court records, Tameka has been arrested a couple of times, including one for “welfare fraud” and another for “petty theft.” I heard Tommy Girl is on a warpath. Her sis better watch her back and her front. I guess love is blind, but Usher must have had Lasik on the heart.


I’ve also heard that Usher’s mother was a part of the cancellation. It is well known that Moms (who was fired as the star’s manager right before mother’s day) has been dead-set against the relationship from the get-go. On top of that, she got her invitation to the wedding mad late and wrong. People magazine is reporting that Usher and Tameka could not agree on the type of wedding they were to have. Ursh wanted an upscale classy affair and she wanted something laid-back, like a barbeque. I think the women are supposed to determine what the wedding looks like. I even think Tameka tried to get away with not signing the prenuptial agreement at the last minute thinking Usher wouldn’t call it off. Anyway, it’s called off. They really didn’t give themselves enough time to make it happen or get Tameka’s PO a heads up. I KID!

I expect this to be represented and packaged along with Ursh’s upcoming album.


I’m going to tell you this: this is big for Eddie. That Tracy Edmonds is a dime for sure! And with Mel B going around suggesting that Eddie is a deadbeat daddy and a possible homosexual, this is just what he needs right now…a dime! Anyway, this is mostly for the girls out there. Eddie supposedly gave Tracy a huge Cartier yellow diamond for an engagement ring, according to OK! Magazine. You know Ed dumped Mel B for Tracy, right? Scary Spice is cool, but Tracy is a class act. I don’t advocate the allegations against Ed, just that he came up, especially with that “Norbit” movie still in the rear view mirror.


Hot Rod leaving G-Unit? Just something I heard. I don't see anybody leaving G-Unit by choice...

In the New York area there are people starting to quietly protest the new Remy Ma mixtape for its depiction of Jesus.

Will Jay-Z scoop Foxy Brown and take her over to Columbia should he leave Def Jam. There is a rumor that Jay will have a part ownership in Fox's Ill Na Na Entertainment. I don't know...Fox's delays are off the hook!

Speaking of Jay-Z, would he bother recording a diss record towards Lil' Wayne?

You think Kim and Eminem will have another baby? That's what mediatakeout is reporting. I don't know, B.

People think that Janet is all fat, but she was just fooling people by wearing thick sweats. She's been seen lookin’ very thin recently.

Remember that story about Principal Ben Chavis and his racist ways? Well, he finally resigned, an action I consider and admission of guilt! Shout out to Unity Lewis and here is the story!

I heard Eve got pushed alllllll the way back to November or December!


This is probably more of a sign that Big Brother and the New World Order are now on the same page. But, they are going to start fingerprinting children as young as five and don’t even ask their parents permission. WOW! I think this is a perfect reason for home schooling!


I’m a pretty big fan of Tragedy Khadifi, but this is just weird to me.



Sandie aka ms Divine Candy too this pic of one of those Marley dudes. I don’t know who this guy is, but I would bet is the dude Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley. LOL.

Here is the other pic of Beyonce at the skrip bar. Like I said before, she was there about a half hour and left.

Does Jay-Z have a problem in his boy former homey Calvin Klein? Click the pic for all of that.

Coco and no Ice-T? What!?


So you know AHH was the first to report that Amanda Diva and Marsha Ambrosius got together for a rendition of Floetry called Floetry Remixed. This is more of a tour situation that a group changes – they say. Of course people started to say the opposite: That Amanda Diva had totally replaced the Floacist Natalie Stewart. Well, Marsha has issued a statement and it’s a long, detailed explanation of the issues. Here you go!

1st of all, Natalie Stewart was never replaced... However, at the end of the Flo'ology tour December 5th 2006 in Birmingham, UK, right after the show, Natalie wished me safe travels and we hadn't spoken since.. well until a few weeks ago... of course there are things that happened between us and will remain on my part between us yet there was evidence of a separation in the group way b4 these rumors came to light... ??you see, myspace.com tells you what you need to know about a person, or what you want them to know about you... whilst Nat nor myself were communicating, I took the easy road and I went to check out her page coz a fan hit me with the link like wtf!!! this was early this year... so i see on Nat's personal page "Life After Floetry... Natalie Stewart is... Super Heroine..." and I'm like OK, she got her Code Records poppin, she was doin her... grown woman, had to respect the M.O... so I'm back in Philly, she's in the UK, we're not talking, I see "Life After Floetry..." to me, she left... ?

so, I'm getting calls from label people, management, etc... they let me know what was being said and done and I'm like damn... what to do now... coz its all personal, but Nat has been like my sister and I'll back her 100... but at some point, I gotta say or/and do somethin... I had to do me, I just want to make music... personal shyt aside... I've put blood sweat and tears into Floetry, when people see me out anywhere, I'm the chick from Floetry, its my aka, my ID... so, I'm continuing a brand that I sure as helped build and I'm creating opportunities for projects that I believe in... I believe in the Floetry brand and I am continuing and chose to do so with Amanda Diva on the "Floetry Remixed Tour"

"Floetry Remixed" came about very suddenly...I met Amanda Diva thru a friend and we creatively clicked instantly... I can't control promoters, i can't control gossip sites, what I can give you is my word.... not one of them sites had a quote from me saying nothing... every promoter of the Floetry Remixed tour knew what it was going in...

I'm about the music... I'm about being on the road and giving the music to the people... I respect that everyone is so passionate and concerned about music... makes me wanna be better at what I do... but, as always, I respect other people's moves... I'll let you do you... I'm a friend till the end... but when it gets all crazy, at some point I have to see things for what they really are... if its not working, its not working... i can't please everybody... I can't, i tried that... got me in a whole bunch of shyt... guess if I'd a grown up sooner, things woulda been different but I can't live like that, I just gotta LIVE... and let LIVE...

Natalie Stewart: you are my sister... blood... an important part of me being here doing what I dreamed about for the longest and you know that... I support you 100... you know how we get when its all personal and emotional and so very separate... we are different, and that's OK... you know me... I wish you well... all my luv...

at the end of the day, its all luv and music... if only it was that simple... :)


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