Hip-Hop Rumors: Where's Cam Part 331! Jim Jones Gets A New Deal! Mistah Fab vs Budden!

JIM JONES SIGNS MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DEAL!So, Ms. Info talked to Jim Jones again and there is good news. Here is the quote:“I just left the lawyer’s office. I signed a multimillion

dollar joint venture with Sony. My boss is Rick Rubin and Hip Hop (Kyambo Joshua) is doing my albums with me. What you think Jay-Z is

gonna think about that?”

LOL @ Jim still thinking about Jay-Z. Anyway, this is good news. Everybody is wondering if Jim can do it again after the success of "We Fly," but with Rick Rubin...anything can happen. This is good news, but I have to wonder how this shift with affect Dipset. Also, Koch wasn't too pleased to lose their marquee act, but they got paid off proper. (The Cam'ron rumors are down the page a bit).More of what Jim told Miss Information:“What’s crazy is that they gave me the same deal that Un and them

fucked up back in the day when they got the Sony/Untertainment deal….I got that joint venture, that 50/50 split, they don’t give those out anymore. That’s a Dame Dash, Ruff Ryders deal. And I’m bout to go crazy

with it. I’m gonna be a problem.”Of course we couldn't leave Jay out of this:“Hip Hop is the guy who did all of Jay’s albums, and Rick Rubin is the

man who gave him that monster hit. So I dont know if he was aware of the deal, but its when everyone else finds out….that’s what I imagine

will put him in a different kind of state.”Could this stop Jay-Z from leaving Def Jam? The plot thickens! Shout out to Miss Info for the info.KAY SLAY HAS NO BEEF WITH DR. DRE

Kay Slay talked about the rumors that I got from Foundation Magazine and some other sources as well. See, I don’t create rumors, but I do relay and deliver them to the people! Shout out to Kay Slay for clearing that up, but please believe that Foundation Mag has an interview with the Drama Lord. That interview, as I was told, basically is saying that there is a "situation" with Dr. Dre that has resulted in tension! Now, Foundation drops next month so I am going to be sure to get a copy to clear this up. Anyway, here is Slay refuting that there is beef with Dre…Click here to listen!

Also Ray-J shot down the rumor that he was coming out with a book called “Sex Machine” and that it was a male version of Superhead. I guess, he is writing a book about his life, but he ain’t writing a tell-all sex book. I guess I we can’t call him Supermouth or whatever name I published the other day. I don't think anybody really wants to read a regular book on Ray though. Could be me.


Well, I heard previously that Cam’ron was up at the EMI building and possibly looking for a deal over there with Capitol or Virgin. Well, I heard that was partially right, but actually wrong. From what I understand, Cam was actually up there to see the good folks at Imperial Records (who are in the same building). Imperial is a company that was started in 1947, but recently got “reactivated.” The legacy of Imperial started with people like Cher. T-Bone and Fats Domino and ended up with Fat Joe, Bizzy Bone, Jin, and Evidence in 2006. From what I understand, Cam was up there chopping it up with Imperial seeking the possibilities (hint, hint: looking for a deal!). Cam isn’t the only one coming through there, because they are on the rise as a record label.


These damn rumors aren’t easy and I need help! I have a life and I am sick and tired of writing rumors all day! So, Dove – one of AHH’s finest – had aided in my job! Check out her report, live from the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors! They taped the award show last night, but it airs on Monday October 8. Oh yea, Vote for AllHipHop for Best Website!

Here is her report!

Hey all, it's your most charming Dove with a few words!

Tonight was the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors taping, and AllHipHop.com was in the mix. While a lot of the night was dressed with smiles and politically correct speeches in the media room, we did come out with a little scoop for you. The show airs on October 8th on VH-1, and there's some pretty classic performances on there. Honorees include Missy Elliiott, A Tribe Called Quest and Wild Style. My personal highlight of the night wasthe Whodini tribute... it's about time we showed them the love they deserve! Celebs performing or making appearances include Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Fatman Scoop, Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole, Kool Moe Dee, The Rock Steady Crew, Grandmaster Caz, Fab Five Freddy, Busy B, Common, Chris Rock, Nick Cannon, KRS-One, Tweet, Timbaland, Eve... and the list goes on.

Back in the press room... after making a few jokes about the situation, Salt n' Pepa confirmed that they have indeed not dumped Spinderella, nor was there beef with her surrounding their new reality show. They clarified that Spin is simply not in a lot of the show because the two rap vets had a lot of their own issues to work through. Both ladies looked absolutely beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing thes how, which appears to be taking us through two decades of pent up emotions between the two.

There is a big New Jack Swing tribute on the show, which in taping was a bit of a hot mess. Maybe the editing will make it better, but damn... I had such high hopes. T-Pain should have sang up an octave for his Keith Sweat seranade (only because we could barely hear him since he was singing so low), and the Ne-Yo/Keyshia Cole duet hit a couple of surprising sour notes (probably due to some technical difficulties, because both are great live performers).

In an awkward moment in the press room, someone asked where Aaron and Damien Hall were. Teddy Riley toldus that "VH-1 wanted the biggest hits, and 'No Diggety' was my biggest hit," and further explained that "Ne-Yo wanted to do a Guy song" therefore Aaron and Damien were not flown in. Well, since we're being hella retro here, I'm giving Teddy the gas face for that one.

First off, 'No Diggety' was in the aftermath of New Jack Swing. No Jack. No Swing. Secondly, Aaron Hall is the G.O.A.T. of New Jack and golden era R&B for that matter. R.Kelly's whole initial sound was a pleasant knock off of Aaron Hall's vocal delivery. We love Ne-Yo, but it's no excuse for leaving the Hall brothers out. Hell, I'd have rather heard some Bobby Brown or Redhead Kingpen than "No Diggety," but I guess that might have been keeping it too real.

There just has to be more to the story...

Ice T was on hand to answer various questions, and once again he openly explained to the media how much CoCo and he were meant to be. Granted, some longtime fans could never get past Darlene being out of the picture (this totally includes illseed the Darlene fiend), but after seven years of marriage, Ice T and CoCo T have more than proven that they know how to make a relationship work in both business and love. Someone also asked about how Ice felt about his son being exposed to his lifestyle. Ice explained that his son is his own person. He is 15 now, and asked for golf clubs for his birthday. He had told his son to always see what a job paid before he pursued it, and Tiger Woods doesn't do so bad. Please let those happy people be and congratulate Ice T for his very inspiring career in music and acting. The Hip Hop nation should be more than proud of him.

Speaking of great relationships, Fatman Scoop and his lovely wife Shanda were probably the most popular people of the night with the other celebs. Scoop tore it up durning the Missy Set!

That's what I can tell you... and yeah, maybe I'm just too nice sometimes. Tune in on October 8th and let us know your thoughts on the show.


I hear that one of the many Hip-Hop Honors afterparties was crazy! Plumm – a club owned by Dame Dash – had one of the illest parties. It was too ill! I heard several people couldn’t get in, including Nas! What? I heard that they gave DJ Red Alert a hard time at the VIP. I did hear that Saigon, Joe Budden, Dougie Fresh (Happy Birthday, Mr. Fresh!), Andre Harrell, Q-Tip and others were there.


From what I was told, Phife Dog of A Tribe looked pretty small and actually sick during the event. Well, this is bad news, but I heard that Phife is, in fact, very sick. I’m gatherinig intel that he’s a diabetic in need of a kidney transplant. I can honestly say that I hope he can find a doner, but I’m gathering it has been difficult thus far. Nevertheless, Tribe is the bomb and Phife is in our prayers.


Most of you guys know about Nas and Jay-Z, Canibus and LL, or some other battle, but there was one that was above them all...or at least right up there. On his song, “How You Like Me Now,” he says to LL, “I’m bigger and better, forget about DEFFER.” If you can’t tell, he was crapping on LL’s album at the time, Bigger and Deffer. Last night at the Hip-Hop Honors, Moe Dee had a sudden change of heart and said, “I'm bigger and better, could never be lesser.” I heard the people that knew were stunned at the change! Well, later in the show LL Cool J presents one of the awards and it all makes sense. I don’t know, but I assume that there was an “arrangement” made where Moe Dee couldn’t diss LL.


I think that LL is widely regarded as the winner of the battle with Kool Moe Dee, but upon examination, its very arguable. Take a listen to all the songs…Moe got bizzzzzzy!

Kool Moe Dee vs. LL Cool J – Part 1!

Kool Moe Dee vs. LL Cool J – Part 2 !


I know we are going through a semi-Superhead boycott, but I have to say that the chick has announced her fiancée as Darius “Eddie Winslow” McCrary from “Family Matters.”


Busta is really dropping some knowledge in this video.


Well, this all started at the AllHipHop Battle and it will continue with AHH. This is how it is going down with Mistah Fab these days. He did this recent interview and really called out Joe Budden. See below.

Part 2 of the rumors are coming down later this afternoon. TOMORROW, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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