Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Will Save DMX? Tony Yayo Wants To Fight...? Travis Barker Sex Tape?


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.DMX’S FIRST PRODUCER CALLED TO SAVE THE DOG!Who can save DMX? It seems that DMX’s label, Bodog, thinks that there is only one person that can pull the Dog out of this dilemma. Bodog and DMX’s current manager have contacted Dame Grease, producer extraordinaire, to get the rapper and his album together. Apparently, Grease flew out over the weekend to get with DMX to work on the album. We can only hope to get some of the great music they did together back in the late 90’s and earl 2000’s.I THINK I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MISS JONES!According to sources with AllHipHop.com, Miss Jones was let go, because she attempted to get another member of her own crew terminated from Hot 97. The rumors floating around Hot 97 and Miss Jones are rampant so don’t quote me. When upper management denied her request, they also informed her that they just weren't going to continue. At first, I heard they were going to wait until her contract ran out, opted to stop things Friday. (Note: from what I understand, Miss Jones denied this as the reason for the parting of ways and she said it was mutual or she would have been escorted out of the building asap.) Why didn't Hot 97 want to renew her contract? Not sure, but I am hearing that her ratings weren't that good. Nevertheless, rumor has it that Ms. Jones will move to Philly to host the Morning show on 100.3 The Beat, which she was already doing syndicated from New York. Also, she apparently has a TV venture to blast off in the fall. I wish Jonesy nothing but the best! (Oh...I forgot to mention she is pregnant too! Somebody said that she got fired, because of the pregnancy, but that would be totally illegal and highly discriminatory!)OBIE TRICE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!I told you this was the real a few weeks ago, but Shelz has fully confirmed this rumor. Take it away Shelz:If the good folk over at Interscope don't stop playing, they are going to have tumbleweed rolling down their hallways. It's finally official. Obie Trice is no longer with Shady Records. The rumor has been circulating for a little while, but Mr. Trice confirmed it with his new track, “Giant.” He does mention in the song that he's leaving because his money was funny over at Interscope and he's not trying to disrespect Em. But then he goes on to say that peeps have questioned if he should have been 2nd rated over there. Now I know his last studio project, 2nd Round's On Me, didn't fair too well in the market, but I'm thinking this is not a good thing for Shady. I mean that's not exactly the sickest clique on the block over there and Trice was the best of the dudes in waiting. Then again, his fore into free agency isn't all that impressive. When I started the track, I had to check my open windows to make sure nothing else was playing because the track is so disjointed. But anyway, I don't know if he has a new home yet (I heard Bad Boy at one point, but I'm not feeling Obie Trice with an S-curl featuring for Day26). But if he is still looking, he most definitely should have dropped something better than that.Here is the link for your listening pleasure.http://allhiphop.malt.maven.io/stories/multimedia__music/ archive/2008/06/30/20242982.aspxYOUNG BUCK SHOW – ONLY 20 PEOPLE? NO, FULL HOUSE!You might have heard about the mess where only 20 people showed up to a Young Buck show. Well that was an exception to the rule. Last Thursday, at Fur Nightclub in Washington D.C., Young Buck made his first performance since the 20-people debacle. In D.C. it was a full house! This time, there was a new issue. The promoters weren't hospitable, according to my sources. They made Young Buck pay for his own hotel room! Prior to the show, he was allegedly paid half of the money, and was to get the remainder at show time, did he get it? Of course not! I heard Buck didn't even perform that night. His entourage wasn't allowed in Fur. The club said that they weren't dressed properly from what I heard. Buck was the only one that could have on athletic wear. Unless his hype man or DJ paid to get in, Buck would've been a one-man band in a foreign land. I'm sure this wouldn't have gone down like this if he were still affiliated with G-Unit! Ironically, his former homies were also in town promoting their new album T.O.S.SLUM VILLAGE REUNITES!I have a bit of positive rumor mews! Slum Village (T3 & Elzhi) had a show in Atlanta like a week ago. T3 called into “The Show" WRFG 89.3 FM and dropped the ill bomb! During the interview he expressed his views on Hip-Hop, J Dilla, and Baatin. He dropped the bomb when he said he would be bringing Baatin back for some shows and a couple of songs on the new album. A full fledged reunion might be in the cards if things go right. FUNK MASTER FLEX’S CAR SHOW!YO! My sister from aother mother LaTasha hit me up about the Funk Master Flex Car show and told me it was really dope. You know, tight, poppin, hot, cool, hittin, fresh…all that good stuff. Here is what LaTasha said (no edits from illseed):So alot of celebs came out to the car show. cam'ron without dipset, and dipset (jim jones and juelz without cam) we were in the backroom where all the celebs eventually ended up. my cousin told jim jones he saw cam and he said that they dont fuck with cam anymore. We all knew that but it was great to hear it straight from his mouth. LL came in there like he was God and the crowd treated him like he was GOD. I don’t know what was up with Fab, it seems like he had a stick up his ass as if he was better than any other person and could not say hi to the fans he was surrounded by his security and just kept looking forward as the crowd asked for pictures and autographs he gave nothing. Maino and Fab were talking the backroom i guess that’s BK love or something they exchanged numbers and that was that. Busta really interacted with his fans. signing autographs and actually taking the time he did have to talk to them and not just sit and sign autograph. i love busta for that. jd was pretty low key. he took alot of pics with fans and signed autographs. tyson beckford is kind of a wise guy. i almost slipped but i after i slip he tells me to watch out for that chair. too late... there was alot of hot cars but the celebs had my attention. WEBBIE MISSES SHOW?On Friday in Biloxi, MS, Webbie was supposed to perform, but never showed up. That’s what I heard, at least. There was a good size crowd there and they were amped up about seeing Webbie, according to my sources. I also heard, nobody was too TOO disappointed, because the other performers were so on point. Juvenile opened up and really got the crowd going. Then David Banner gave the best performance of the night. He kept jumpin in the crowd while performing and taking pics with people and throwing water on the crowd and even pulled kids up on stage and let them sing his songs. Then a dude comes on the stage and tells Banner he’s got a mere seven minutes left. David gets mad and is like "What the fuck? This is my home!" The music shut down and Banner spazzes on them! He threatened to pour water on all of the equipment and the sound comes back! Luda closed the show and everybody was happy!When is David Banner going to turn into the Hulk? Just a question.WEBBIE SHOWS UP!Check out what Thorn told me about Webbie – he shows up just in a different city! Also 2 Pistols comments on getting knocked out.hey illseed its ur boy thorn from michigan city indiana i wanted to say i went to the dub show in chicago yesterday and webbie actually showed up for a concert and apologized for f***in up in the past and shawty lo said he was the real king of bankhead and then we had 2 pistols performing he stopped the music and said i heard online a nigga stole on me at the awards and broke my jaw hes like my s**t aint broke and ima deal with that at a later date but i been throwin money and threw a bunch of money into the crowd and ludacris and shawna performed after twista and the speedknot mobstas started it all off the show was off the chainILLSEED’S QUICKIESBig Deal: Gary Coleman attempted suicide two times in the past.Bigger Deal: Mini-Me is really messed up over his mini sex tape. In a recent interview, dude was brought to tears.Best of Both Worlds: don’t sleep. I am hearing Jay-Z and Beyonce are preparing their duet album. Tell Me You Don’t Care. I don’t know if you care, but I am hearing that Travis Barker has a sex tape. Yuck. WTF?Rumor has it, 50 Cent’s former friend and adversary Bang ‘Em Smurf is out of jail. That has got to be the worst rap name ever. What next: MC Snork? The Games Continue. I heard The Game was on MTV Hits over the weekend and he introduced every song by 50 Cent. And he was very sarcastic, calling 50 his “homey.” From what I heard, he was being very facetious. Who Cares! I heard that Guy Ritchie is jetting to NY to try to convince Madonna to stay with him. Tony's Yayo! has said that he wants to FIGHT Young Buck instead of all the rapping. Well I think they should fight. On TV. In a ring. MMA-style. Lets Get Ready To Rummmmmmmble!Ewwww, hater! Bill Clinton has reportedly stated that Senator Barack Obama must “kiss my a**” in exchange for his support for Big O’s bid for the White House. Sad.PLIES DOES GOOD…You may have read this in the news section, but I am going to let Shelz tell about it from her point of view.Queue Plies? Mr. Bust It Baby is digging into his own pockets and pulling out two $5000.00 scholarships for the 2008-2009 school year. It is the first outreach of Plies' Power of Visions Foundation; a non-profit that's goal is to help ease the hardship imprisonment can bring to those outside of the prison walls. The foundation will also aid those who cannot afford legal representation and sponsor projects focused on rehabilitation. It's reminiscent of what Saigon and his crew are doing in New York with Abandoned Nation. However, Power of Visions is targeting the Tampa and Ft Myers Fl areas. If you are interested in learning more or would like to see if you qualify for one of the two scholarships, visit Plies at www.pliesworld.com.ALLHIPHOP IN AFRICA!AllHipHop.com turns 10 & Will Celebrate in South Africa!

AllHipHop.com's team will be celebrating 10 years

of online Hip-Hop in a different fashion. Not only will we host various

AllHipHop.com weekends in the United States, we will also be heading to

South Africa! We will continue to show

Hip-Hop's unique ability to bond and empower people across races,

cultural and economic divides.


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