Hip-Hop Rumors: Why is Barack Obama Smiling?



has it “the folks” is mad at Oprah, ‘cuz she “be” supporting that

Barack guy! Well, let it be known, then! Apparently, her fans don’t

care for the way Oprah has decided to get into the political arena.

Well? What? You want her to give you advice about what to eat, buy and

all this other stuff, but not who to vote for. You trust Oprah with

everything else, but NOT when she makes a bold move and supports the

person she feels is best qualified as the president? HOGWASH. That’s

the real “you” coming out and its what Dr. Cornel West once spoke about

POLITICAL COURAGE. Its going to be a different ballgame for Oprah and I


Here are some ill pics for ya a** - Wyclef, Akon and Jimmy Rosemond in Haiti! Click here for the pictures. Clef looks a lil' like Nate Dogg at first sight. CLICK HERE TO HEAD TO HAITI!

This is the homey Kush and the late Pimp C. Kush says, “I asked him if I could have a pic with him. He didn't mind at all. He was a cool a** dude.” RIP PIMP.

Got daggit…I said I wasn’t going to do this,b ut I am! I’ve been staring at these bizarre Michael Jackson images all week. I just have to post them or I am going to go nuts! I know they are old, but this is my outlet to deal with this. This is what happened with MiJAc went bookshopping in Vegas.

Also MiJac is doing a remix album to Thriller with Fergie, Akon and others. Click here to read that story.


This is why Barack is Smiling! It looks like the presidential race is wearing Hill down, but Obama looks vibrant! Seriously, I do like Hill and I DO believe that she has the background to go far and do well. But, like Frank Lucas said...Barack is "my man." LOL. Seriously, Barack is Oprah's dude...who am I to go against all that is Oprah!!!!

ILL VID!In X-Factor, the UK Version of American Idol, these dudes thought Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound were good for the audition. Or are they just acting?


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