Hip-Hop Rumors: Why The "I Get Money" Remix JUST Came out!


Click here to hear the billion dollar remix of “I Get Money” RIGHT HERE! Pretty hot joint, eh? Anyway, you might wonder why this is just coming out with the race being so heated with 50 Cent, Kanye and that country fellow. Anyway, I heard Jay-Z had specific instructions about being on the remix. I heard he said this billion-dollar remix HAD to come out AFTER the first week of release. WHY? Duh, Jay didn’t want to add to 50’s sales when his little brother Kanye was battling it out with 50 Cent. Jay even says a line definitely for Fiddy. He says, “In case y’all forgot New York is still mine.” Anyway, that’s the story behind that.


Looks like SAS has also left Dipset and made the announcement on their myspace page. Read the statement below and you tell me! (There is no editing in letters.)

"Since our arrival back in the states, and our charges bein dropped in November '06 (which we handled completely by ourselfs), niether Cam or Jim has made any plans to secure a deal for S.A.S in any way. The fact they are not even talkin and haven't been for a year, brought to light recently, has forced us to leave that situation to find our own as Eurogang. Although we will always be London Diplomats and heavily affilliated with Juelz Santana, we will not be and have never signed to Diplomat Records. We are FREE AGENTS and are lookin to brand our own imprint Road Music Group, our in house production company Fedayeen and our hometown crew Eurogang in the States.

Diplomat Europe was something we set up and completely funded ourselves making Dip Set the No. 1 crew in Europe thru guerilla style marketing in less than 2 years. We have achieved this with NO management, machine or funding from any label. Rite now we are focused on our US campaign WHERE IS S.A.S?, and finding the right management that can take us to that next superstar level we should of been on since '05."


I don’t know where this one started, but it would appear that SCRATCH magazine has been buried for good. They tried to revive it a few times, but I heard they pulled the life support plugs for good. I’m not sure, but certain insiders were hitting up my IMs. I guess it is what it is. Speaking of producers, click here for an interview with producer Will.I.Am.


OJ's face is saying, "I'm going to do it all over again! Just like the good, ole days!"

I mean no pun with the term “redhanded,” but it looks like they got OJ on about seven felonies and various other charges. The funny thing is, its pretty clear that he was just claiming his stolen property. Nevertheless, those snitches called the cops and said there were guns present. I bet OJ had a stick in a coatpocket and they fell for it. Listen to this audio and tell me if you think “they” finally got OJ!!!!



There's a rumor circulating that Egypt will be exiting New York's Power 105.1 very soon because beef with somebody else at the station. Now, I don’t know the real reason or the person, but a source said that “a bigger ego in the studio” was pushing her out. Who that is, I cannot say, but they must be blind! I’d never push Egypt out of any room. In fact, I’d pull her into a room! From what I have been told, we’ll soon see her on all sorts of TV and in magazines. I bet she’ll pop up somewhere close by…


Who knows when Kanye West will forgive or forget MTV from robbing him of his VMA! Its not looking good for this beef between a major network and the top artist of the day. Right now, Ye’s still mad. He apparently went from the Emmys to the Staples Center in LA to perform with Justin Timberlake. He got up there and let it KNOWN that is still ON! On the stage, Kanye rapped, ““Hands up for Justin/MTV, I can’t trust them. You know what? F**k ’em!” Not looking positive! Justin didn’t add on, but you know he asked the network to play more videos.


Most people were with 50 on his tour of New York…except a few. Spider Loc was MIA. Hot Rod showed up here and there, as did Billy Danz from MOP, but no Loc. Does this mean that perhaps he’s out of there? He’s got albums coming out on his own and he’s well-liked by the readers of AHH. So? I don’t know, people.

I heard the G-Unit CD is going to be released in December and its nearly finished. There are supposedly beats by the likes of Swizz Beats, The Alchemist, Havoc and Sha Money XL’s production group.

I also hear that 50 Cent, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Tony Yayo and LLoyd Banks will appear on a posse song on this album. Also, 50 is supposedly going to be on Jim Jone’s next CD. Additionally, look for appearances by Trick Daddy, Mazardi Fox, LL Cool J and Jae Hood. Now I hear Jae Hood may be a member of G-Unit by that time.

Shout out to LL Cool J, who hosted the AHH Fashion show last night.


My boy Stooby hit me up and told me who he saw in Denver.

What's goin' on illseed? This is Stooby from Denver...I used to work for KS1075, the only hip-hop station in Denver, but recently got into liquor sales....You probably don't care, but the reason I say this is because I was leaving one of the liquor stores that I service, and a tour bus pulls into the parking lot....and Big Daddy Kane walks off the bus...When he walked inside, I asked someone that was on his bus if it was him, just to make sure.....When he came back out, he had a box of full of alcohol, and dude was cool as hell....He was somewhat surprised that a 25 year old Caucasion knew who he was, but I grew up on that ish....(I had the Ain't No Half Steppin single on tape when I was 6!) He talked to me for 5 minutes, with a 30lb. box in his hands....Wish I had a camera to send you a pic, but I wasn't really expecting to see one of hip-hop's pioneers as I was leaving a shit day of work.....Turrns out my boy DJ Chonz is opening up for Kane, MC Lyte, and The Roots, for VH1's Hip-Honors tour tonight in Denver, hence why Kane was out here.


Go over there and vote for AllHipHop and that award they are going to be giving out at this years Hip-Hop Honors! I can't wait to take to the stage!

Oh, click here for info on the general Hip-Hop Honors stuff.


Remy Ma rocked with 50 Cent on the Queens leg of his 5-Boro Tour of NYC. It would have been ill if she could have joined G-Unit.

Here’s 50’s b***h on video. Remy really is the best female rapper our right now on the commercial scene. (Thanks Christopher)

I heard that J-Hood popped up on stage with 50 Cent in the Bronx. This strongly suggests some sort of alliance is in effect, B.

I wonder where Remy will show up next…Hmmmmmmmmm….


So, I got word that Baby and BG have put their differences 100% to the side. They are supposed to be putting in some work in the studio and everything. Don’t get it Twisted, BG is signed to Grand Hustle, homey, but he’s recorded with Bay. He’s even reportedly recorded songs with Lil Wayne. That’s a good look. This pic, I don’t know that it’s a good look.


I heard Run and Josphine Simmons recently adopted a young female newborn. If this is true, God bless them.

50’s baby moms wants mo money, mo money – MO! She recently appeared in court to get her child support upped to $25,000 from $15,000.

While Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight, Pamela Anderson is rumored to be marrying Rick Solomon…some dude getting the leftovers.

Flavor of Love’s Toastee and Kim Kardashian have a sex tape? That sounds nasty...

BET is moving “Rap City” to a 1 AM SLOT? OH…that means it over.

If Superhead is engaged…maybe its not Wayne. I heard that Superhead and Darius McCrae were out and about with each other’s families having a big dinner in Cali.

Nas' security is about to kick somebody's arse. If he says, "You'll see me and you'll regret the next time you see me," that means leave. Click here to see the vid. Fame is so overrated.


A baby was killed execution-style after men tried to rob his 21-year-old father. The father didn’t give in to the men, who tried to rob him home invasion-style. The two robbers turned into murderers when they shot the man dead. Meanwhile his kid was in the car seat outside… They decided not to spare the child and shot him in the head, killing him. These guys FLED the scene and paused in their flight to shot a kid.


Read the story here!


You know whats going to happen tonight during AHH Week 07 –that’s right! The Breeding Ground! I’m not even going to say anything else. AllHipHop got together with DJ Furious Styles for this Breeding Ground Mixtape. Its HOT TOO! To download the mixtape, please follow the link http://www.sendspace.com/file/ms4jd7

DJ Furious Styles teams with AllHipHop.com to present THE RE-BIRTH , The Breeding Ground Mixtape

New York, NY September 17th 2007

XM DJ Furious Styles famed for his 66 Raw show Shine, has teamed up with AllHipHop.com for the release of The Breeding Ground Mixtape - The Rebirth. Hosted by DJ Drama, Talib Kweli and David Banner, the mixtape will be available for digital download on AllHipHop.com and will be given out at the up and coming events during AllHipHop week in NYC.

On teaming up with AllHipHop.com to work on this project DJ Furious Styles says "AllHipHop.com has the same fire when it comes to finding the next MC as myself. It is great to see such a big organization as AllHipHop.com, share the same goals as myself, ,helping the people on the come up and exposing their talent."

The tape features exclusive tracks from a wide selection of artists which have been recognized by AllHipHop.com for their talent and who went on to feature on the infamous Breeding Ground; a column which has become a regular stop for industry executives and A&Rs. Many of these featured lyricists have since appearing on the 'worlds most dangerous site.' gone on to secure major label deals for themselves.

The Re-Birth features Aftermath Recording Artist Joell Ortiz, Warner Brothers artist Wiz Khalifa, Sony/Columbia artist Damani, recent UMA winners for best unsigned group The League and Streetsweeprz artist, Hedonis da Amazon. Production on the mixtape includes Sha Money XL, Cool and Dre, Khrysis, Dynasty Williams and Kick Drums.

For further information and to request an interview with Furious Styles please contact CriticalMMG@gmail.com


You will always win awards looking like THIS.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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