Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Remy Ma Have To Pay Her Shooting Victim Forever?

As soon as I heard Remy had rapped about her shooting, I knew there were going to be problems.

But, I am hearing those issues were already there and THAT is why Remy rapped about them. In the DJ Khaled remix to “They Don’t Love You No More,” she said “‘Give it to her in the tummy/ya’ll know that I keep it tough….” OUCH. Remy is a mean hombre for real! Remember the woman she shot, caught it in the belly. I’m like “WOW.” Anyway, her former friend and eventual shooting victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph STILL must use a colostomy bag to use the bathroom out of. Well, sources that hit me up basically said that Remy’s victim will get all or or a LOT of Remy’s earnings based on her injuries. To be real, I am not sure how that works, considering I don’t believe there has been any civil suit yet. I do believe there will be though and that is based on insiders that I have talked to. I wonder how this will play out!


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