Hip-Hop Rumors: Yelawolf Disses Devil Worshipping Rappers!

I didn’t know Yelawolf was a God-fearing man! He said “Don’t kick God out of Hip-Hop.” Yooooo….

Yelawolf is dope. He said he saw back to back to back devil worshipping rap vids from Black people!

But, the dude that interviewed him is kinda wack. Like Satanism is cool if you are “real” about it.

I give Yelawolf props on keeping it on topic. But, I guess I wanna know what the deal is with these rappers that are reaping real Devil or fake Devil too.

Shout out to Yelawolf!

But, who are these Satanists?! TELL ME!

Remember when Eminem said, “I’m the devil!”? Listen to the song…it was ill!