Hip-Hop Rumors: Yo Gotti Denies Rumors! DMX's Wife Ruff Rydes For X!


“”Don’t Believe Everything You Read.”

One of my readers hit up Yo Gotti and asked him if he was signing to Young Money and he said those words above. I think I am going to start hitting up rappers and whatever on Twitter myself. Anyway, I felt a way about it, because 1) It was told this was rock solid and 2) they gave credit to AllHipHop.com. But, this is illseed, not AHH. Anyway…enough of that. That’s the follow up. DMX’S WIFE RIDES FOR HIM!

DMX’s wife has talked about him and his ways a lot, but she’s not about to let him get done dirty by the man. Peep the quote below.

"He only had three weeks left [of probation], and they set him up. Because he was in a rehab that they put him in because he was driving dirty, and they gave him permission to go do a show. How do you give someone that's supposed to be in a rehab permission to do a show? It was a set-up, and then X, I can't even believe that he even took a drink knowing the situation."

Was X set up?

Pardon me, not sure of the source.DIAMOND EXPLAINS FORECLOSURE OF HER HOME

She told XXL all about why she let her house go. "It was a business decision, plain and simple. I bought that house in '02. It was a house I did live in at the time for about a year. But then I got into other rental properties and flipping my money and moved out of that house. The recession hit and the real estate market was not doing what it was supposed to do, so instead of selling it, I rented it out. Then the rental market slowed down, too. So I asked myself, 'Should I keep this house when no one is buying it or renting it?' If I can't sell it, recoup my money or have anyone rent out the property, then why would I keep it? So I decided to let it go to foreclosure last year...People do it all the time...Donald Trump does it. If a person can't understand that, then they're stupid."


Here’s the other side of the coin.

Seems silly.


Caremelo Anthony’s Sister Michelle died suddenly from a pre-existing medical condition. She had four kids. MERRY CHRISTMAS

R&B singer Barbee hit up AHH and we got together for a sweet photoshoot for yall. Peep the pix here. DEC. 26TH TALIB KWELI, JEAN GRAE, JOELL ORTIZ, RED CAFE, MIKEY FACTZ AND MORE!

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MRS. DMX, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!