Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Jeezy Changes Name? Scott Storch's Rappin' Son?


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I guess when you turn 30 or something you have to change up. But, don't rappers know they are going to get older and mature? I don't know. Anyway, Young Jeezy is the next in a long line of smart rappers that has opted to drop age-defining monikers. He is now going to go simply by JEEZY.


You know, you have to love Twitter. I've never talked to Joe Budden a day in my life and yet I feel like we talk every time I do a rumor. I do a rumor and he "tells" me whether its true or not.

Here is what Buddy said:

nope, not true RT @Marvlouz yooo rumors swirling that u gonna battle loaded lux? is this truee??? if it is, i feel bad for loaded, smh

Oh well, Joe...dude... @illseed. SCOTT STORCH'S RAPPING SON?

My readers are so talented. I love em, because they are always in the right places to get give me rumors and other free stuff. LOL! Anyway, one of them has been working with a person purporting to be Scott Storch's son, a rapper who calls himself SK. He might be the kid whose mom was suing Mr. Storch for child support. Anyway, these guys just put out a mixtape, which he called "The Megan Fox Tape". He didn't want to be thought of as "Scott Storch's kid", but...that's exactly what I am doing right now. Sorry, kid. But here is the mixtape for good measure.


I'm not sure I FULLY understand this letter, but I thought I would throw it out there to see what you thought! US artists seem to be ducking on going to France for some reason or another. Do you know why? Peep it!

Hi IllSeed, This is your boy Gab from France. I hollered at you on facebook to know if you had any information regarding R. Kelly canceling his show. But i've got a bigger question? Is there any super flu or something in the States right now? I was checking concerts scheduled in the next days and Brand Nuban, B Real of Cypress Hill, Beatnuts, Warren G, Bishop Lamont, Xzibit... all them are going to

be a no show. Do you know why? Help a brotha.


So, The Smoking Gun should be called The Smoking Crackpipe or something more creative. Why? These fool published a picture of the GREAT Malcolm X after he was shot and murdered. I was sent this from one of my readers and it shocked me that they published this image of one of my heroes. So, they get the Epic Fail of the day.

The other half of this Epic Fail is WHY they published the pic. There is one person still in jail for the murder of our beloved Malcolm X and he has been granted parole. All the other men are out, those that supposedly killed him 45 years. I have my views on whether or not is was a set up and a governmental conspiracy, but that is another story. My thing is, IF they really did such a thing, why would they be getting out anyway? They all should be in jail forever! BUT, that leads me to something else...maybe they were set up. One of them vehemently denies taking part in that mess that set us back a zillion years in Black leadership. I don't know but if he did do it, he may have some issues as he gets out even though he's old. If he didn't do it, he needs to speak up!


I don't think Jay-Z dissed Nas after getting feedback from a bunch of people.

IS THIS FUNNY? I'm not co-signing this! I don't know if its funny yet. What do you think? A FREESTYLE IS A WRITTEN RHYME? Big Daddy Kane refutes all of this "off-the-top" rap stuff. Check it out. TIGER WOOD'S PARODY Is this funny too!? KANE! WE


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