Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Jeezy Says "F**k DJ Drama," but WHY?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

YOUNG JEEZY SAYS F**K DJ DRAMA?BUT WHY?I thought DJ Drama was cool with everybody! I mean, he has those Gangsta Grillz thingys and he went against the Feds and stuff…right? I don’t know, but something happened. Check out the video compliments of OnSmash. “I made the world trap or die – f**k DJ Drama!” he yells. What happened? Illseed Note: How many flavors can a car be? In some raps, Jeezy’s car has Jello insides and the other ones have peanut butter flavoring. I think Jeezy secretly wants to eat. You see he lost a lot of weight.

DJ DRAMA’S ARTIST SPEAKS! I don’t know how Gillie The Kid feels about this, but Willie The Kid is the rapper down with DJ Drama. He recently talked to AHH about when they got raided and even that little “beef” with Lil’ Wayne. Click here to read it and hear his music. Willie The Kid: The raid happened January 16, ’07. My album wasn’t supposed to come out in until after Dram’s album dropped. They took my album in the raid; they took the hard drive with all of the masters. They tore this whole studio and made holes in the walls and ceilings. They were looking for guns and drugs, so they went extra hard. They set us back, shredded our s**t to shambles. But we rebuilt everything, new furniture, TV, equipment, new cars, new money—everything is new. We put my album back together, put Dram’s album back together, and we’re working on LA’s album. We’re stronger than ever. Oh and I’m out like shout – ooh-ah, ooh-ah. There it is baby paw YESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

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