Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Joc Got Jacked For Chain? Kanye Is No. 1 - on Earth? Saigon Says Sorry!


I think we have established that Cam’Ron will return shortly. From what I heard Killa will be releasing a new mixtape called, “Where's Cam'ron?” in the next two weeks. I mean, I don’t know all of what is going to happen, but I am interested in hearing what Cameron has to say.

I don’t know if this is news or what, but somebody allegedly snapped this pic of Cam’ron at Micky D’s. The person that claims they took it lives in the Ill Commuity, but passed through McDonalds.

Here we go with Cam’ron at the Micky Deez…hey, everybody likes a Big Mac here and there. In Cam’s case….it might be a big Mac 10.


When I heard that Young Jeezy was about to retire, I was totally shocked and amazed. He’s got so much more to offer the rap world! Retiring? You know, reading is fundamental, people. We interviewed the man, Young Jeezy, and somebody took one line out of it and then Jeezy is about to retire. NO. He’s not retiring at all, but he is talking about the situation with Pimp C and other things that he’s looking to do now. So, click here to read the entire story.


Here is what he said on his blog. See below:

"For the Record

I DIDN'T go to SOB's with the intentions to start trouble with anyone...I was just leaving an AllHipHop panel that was very positive and productive..I only had 3 people with me so I didnt go to the party to start anything... I was trying my best to keep the peace as everyone can see in the video until someone put their hands on me...I would like to apologize to the staff at SOB's as well as Hot 97 for my involvement in that shit but I was not the agressor nor did I have any pre concieved plan to start trouble as I am hearing in the streets.....I honestly just wanted to see CNN perform T.O.N.Y... Peace to my homie Peter Rosenberg...Im very sorry about that whole ordeal......Never again."


Ahhhhh…last week was a trip and the AHH concert was no different. Right before Joe Budden went on the stage, he was cracking jokes with one of AHH’s staff members. Well, the staff member did a dummy move and said, “Allhiphop hates Joe Budden.” The comment was picked up by the mic and heard by everybody! By the time the comment got back to the management of the Nokia Theater, it turned into “Joe Budden Hates AllHipHop." Before you know it, the stage managers are about to cut the sound off Joe! The situation was handled before that happened and Joe went on to perform. AllHipHop Stay Off The Mic!!!50 CENT RUMORS: IS IS ME OR...Did the 50 Cent rumors go from 60 to 0 after the first week was over? I mean, last week or so, those 50 Cent rumors were going insane and now there aren't hardly any out there! I kind of miss the 50 Cent rumors! Diddy recently comments on the "I Get Money" remix."If it came down to a video, I would make sure the video is right,"

Sean "Diddy" Combs told AllHipHop.com. "The session was the way you can

imagine it. It was a billion dollars in the building. It was a lot of

power in there. You basically had the powerhouses of Hip-Hop all in one

room and we had a ball."Click here for the entire story!


I don’t know exactly what happened, but for some reason there is a looming beef with Chicago and Souljah Boy! Online at least, the people are mad at somebody online that has said, "F**k Chicago" for no apparent reason. I personally think it is an imposter pretending to be Souljah Boy. Souljah is about having nothing, but fun! He wouldn't do that knowing you can't even twist your hat the wrong way in Chi-town. Anyway, it might be time for damage control on the net!


We hear that a possible Houston song collaboration is in the works. Chamillionaire, who recently released Ultimate Victory held an album release party in Houston, where he personally invited Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Lil Keke and others to join him and perform for a crowd of eager local fans. Paul Wall couldn't make it, because he was in Boston. Still, I heard that something was sparked. The gesture by Chamillionaire to get all of Houston's finest together on stage has now reportedly sparked talks of himself, former rap partner Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Lil Keke, Lil Flip, UGK, Z-Ro and Trey to all get into the studio within the next month. OH YEAH! I knew that Cham and Paul would work it out at some point. I mean, it is still too early to tell, but don’t be surprised. I just want you to give me mine when it comes true. Shout out to Paul Wall. That’s a real dude right there.


Well, as expected 50 Cent and Kanye experienced a huge decrease in second week sales. Still, they came in at No. 2 and No. 3 respectively. Kanye West's Graduation moved and attitional 209,953 copies its second week in stores to push him past platinum. That was a 77% sales decrease. Curtis by Mr. Cent experienced an 80% sales decrease and sold 128,866 more copie. Chamillionaire's Ultimate Victory sold about 78,000 units and Twista's Adrenaline Rush 2007 came in at No. 13 with 38,123 sold. Note: the second two didn’t have any joint marketing scheme, but its all good. I heard all the albums are quality stuff and that’s all I really care about.


Did Yung Joc get jacked while he was out there in London? This is a rumor that I forgot about, but it first emerged around the time I mentioned that T-Pain/London fight. Well, I heard that on the same night, in the same club, Yung Joc’s “Hustlenomics” super-size gold chain was stolen in a melee. I heard that it was T-Pain that actually attempted to get the chain for his Soouthern comrade, but it was too late. The “H” was gone. I don’t know what somebody is going to do with a chain like that. You might as well find somebody to melt it into a gold brick, because you can’t rock it.


That Pleasure stuff might be off base even though several people said it was factual and actual. If you recall, there was a rumor that said Pleasure of Pretty Ricky allegedly dissed his Pretty Rickster homeys and also sent a shot out to T-Pain. A guy claiming to be the promoter of the event said that PP didn’t dis anybody, including Pretty Ricky and T-Pain. He said, “I'm the promoter who threw that Tallahassee party and nothin like that happened. You need to get your facts straight.” There are no facts in the rumor section, brother man.


“Wendy…winning…not much difference.” I agree with him! Shout out to Wendy Williams! She’s a winner fo’ sho! LOL!

Click to play video


After my rumor, some dude emailed me. He says, Zane is going to do it!

Whats good? Yeah your boy Lil Zane is on his way to make a comeback, no doubt about it. Thats been my dude for the past year and he's as hungry as ever. He stays out here in So Cal, just got the studio put in his house, been working like a monster recording daily as well as doing shows and making appearances. Dudes got at least 25 tracks ready but is waiting for the right time and right situation. Like you always say "They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!" So keep talking bout my boy (positively) cause shit will pop off in the next year.

Like I said, I want to hear what’s going on, before we start saying positive or negative things.


I have been hearing about an MC Shan comeback for quite some time and I have been suspect. It appears that he might be on to something. Click here to listen to the new 2007 MC Shan.

I heard “Dancing With The Stars” dissed Hip-Hop last night. Seems like Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan had a lil too much “hip” in her “hop.”

Looks like that Crooked I song isn’t from Detox, it WAS a possible song in contention for the album back in the day. It’s not going to make it now that it’s leaked.

Hot Rod, G-Unit’s new guy, recently took a jab at lil’ Bow Wow in a freestyle. The question is: will Wow Bow return the heat

Bill O’Reilly might be losing his mind. There is the regular stuff and then he says Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem is just like any other NY restaurant…read about the crazy man here.

In other stupid people news, that model chick Adrianne Curry wants to spark a mass boycott of BET and banish Black History Month for being too Black. She is gonna have to do the same for her VH1 network too, because they are Black now!

Jessica Alba Pregnant? That’s what they are saying in my ears. She’s like a semi-star, but I don’t really care if she is preggers or not.

Is there some sort of beef going on between Rocsi and 50 Cent? I am only asking a question, because I don’t want to defy executive orders on Rocsi and rumors.

Did you know that there are no gay people in Iran? Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it and his word is law - literally.

Rapper Murda Mook has reportedly signed an indie deal with Blackface Records. Look for this CD Murda He Wrote coming later this year.

I really liked Mariah Carey’s last CD and the rumored name of the next one is Sweet Soul Odyssey. I’m ready to take that trip.


Kimora Lee Simmons wasn't always fabulous! Here she is as a 14 year old, McDonald's eatin' teenager.

Here is a picture of my girl Alicia Keys on the set of “106 & Park” a day or something ago.

Read out feature on the recent Congressional Hearings with Master P, David Banner and Michael Eric Dyson. Click da pic for the story!

MC is coming back, people. R&B is generally wack, but she's dope.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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