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All content within this section is normally pure rumor, but today, you get to see how rapper Foxy Brown spent her first day home from Rikers Island in New York, an eight-month bid.

You all know - I am a fan of Foxy Brown and I woke up early to see what was going on with her release. The Foxy Brown rumors were long! I heard that Foxy was actually out before the media reported on it. Then I heard that she was out, but wasn't coming out, because she had to get with her makeup person. And sure enough Foxy came out fly as she wanted to be. Grafh and Chaz from Blackhand were there, as was Foxy's mother. So, from what I understand, and they aren't going to tell me anything here at AHH, but I heard our team was with the Brown Fox all day. If you look below, you will see some of the coverage in the form of video and pictures. You will see an exclusive freestyle Foxy kicks, footage of her with fans and pictures of Foxy's first day home from an eight-month jail bid. Don't forget to see yesterday's obsessing over Foxy, there are pictures of fans and other hot images of one Foxy Brown.

Foxy must have done a fair share of writing in jail, because she busted this freestyle while she went shopping.

Foxy greets her fans from the luxury of a Phantom.

Is she talking to illseed? Hmmmm...he wishes!

Fans made customized items for Foxy's return.

Foxy talks to the press, including AllHipHop.

The bodyguard had a job to do, but Foxy still took time for the people.

Everybody is happy.

Fans of all ages...

Where's she going?

Wink Wink...lets go!

Shopping?! The first thing Foxy did was shop after getting out of Rikers!

She's elated to be in her own comfort zone.

Finally...something to eat! AllHipHop is going to Amy Ruth's next!

Best wishes to Foxy Brown and her loved ones!


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