How T-Pain Blew $40 Million!

T-Pain is a man of many talents, but managing money is not one of them.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell you what I'd do. If I had $40 million in the bank, I'd keep it all! I wouldn't invest nothing!! If I did invest some of it, I would not go under a certain threshold and I'd keep it at a certain point. Like, once I got to $30 million, I would stop all spending! I'd liquidate any mansions and other assets! I would downsize to the fullest to maintain my funds! After all, I have to live off this money! I'm not T-Pain!

When I say I am not T-Pain, I mean...I'm never going to see $40 million bucks and so I am never going to be in a position to lose it either. T-Pain is in that position and he's taking it rather well. He invested in trash properties like crack houses! What!? All this technology and he's investing in crack houses!? Lord have mercy! Let me help you next time! Invest in Illseed, LLC!

Anyway, here is the video:

I ain't made at his mentality. He's clearly got money still and can make money still.

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