Hurricane Chris Sends Some Serious Shots At Kodak Black Over Lil Wayne!


I honestly wonder what in the world has Hurricane Chris been up to? He definitely always has time to lend his unsolicited opinion, or to weigh in on something.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Anyway Kodak Black must’ve forgot how deep the fan and familial love for Lil Wayne was when he dissed him and claimed that he was the best rapper alive over Wayne.

Hurricane Chris certainly had time over the weekend to let Kodak and everyone else know that he will ride for Weezy!

“Check this out. I’ma say this, and I’m say this one time. I go by the name of Hurricane Chris, and if you f-ck with any of my people, you gotta deal with me. With that being said, Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, whatever you want to call him. You wanna f-ck with him, you wanna f-ck with me. That’s how I’m coming. 5150. You play with my people, and I’ma break your jaw. It’s going down like that, and you know who I’m talking to… and I’m righteous with them hands, talking bout that hand game, we’ll stand toe-to-toe just like you talking about doing,” said Hurricane Chris.

Chris says Wayne is somewhere counting $100 million while trying to get back the $50 million Birdman owes him. Chris also says Lil Wayne has bigger problems than worrying about fighting Wayne, however he has nothing but time on his hands to “chastise” Kodak Black.

Idk man, is it just me, or does Hurricane Chris look like, he too, is on dem drugs. I sho’ hope Wayne rides for Chris the way Chris rides for Lil Wayne because Chris is looking like he needs that check right now. I could be wrong though. Lol. Do you think Kodak will respond? Do you think Hurricane Chris is even still in communication with Wayne?

Ahhhhh let’s remember the better days of Chris’ career. LOL.

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