Ice Cube Warns Khloe Kardashian About Dating O’Shea Jackson Jr.

These days it seems like everyone wants a piece of the Kardashian clan, and vice versa. Ice Cube got wind of the fact that Khloe Kardashian was interested in dating his son O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Ice Cube had some very interesting words of advice for Khloe


“Hell No. Khloe better run…[she] better run. They can’t handle that boy. They cannot handle him. Don’t worry about it. Tell ’em, they can’t handle O’Shea. That boy’s a beast,” said Cube.

Looking at that “L” O’Shea Jr. took with that Instagram model, we don’t know how much of a beast he is. Well, the Kardashians have been known to change a few lives whether it be good or bad. Would dating Khloe be a good look for O’Shea?