Iggy Azalea Announces Her & Playboi Carti Are Done Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Simone Grant

Iggy was in her feelings on Friday as she posted her relationship status on the gram.

Sooooooo, she not pregnant?

On Friday, Iggy took to the gram to let us know she’s entering the new year a single woman posting, “I’m single” on her story.

We feel you sis. We feel you.

Well not too long after, she posted a message stating how sorry she was for putting her and Jordan (Playboi’s) business out and she loves him and always will.



Not too long ago, there were rumors she and Carti were expecting a baby together and she was six months pregnant. Iggy did quickly post something to her Instagram showing off her not so pregnant belly reminding us that her body was still snatched.

We were lowkey rooting for this relationship following her breakup with NBA star Nick Young, who went back to his ex.

What y’all think? Is she pregnant and entering the new year single or was that just a rumor? Do you think she will get back with Carti?

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Lan Re
Lan Re