Illseed's Quickies: Beyonce The X-Man, Killer Mike & T.I. Speak!


The Bey Hive is about to lose its mind if their Queen Beyonce gets this gig!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The word on the street is Beyonce might just be the next iteration of Storm, the some-time leader of the X-Men. Up until this point, there is not been a really dope storm. There has been Halle Berry and the pubescent-looking Alexandra Shipp. Respect to them both, but neither managed to nail the African goddess. Well, it does not look like we'll see Beyonce as Storm either. It has already debunked. This didn't stop an artist from creating a digital rendering of the possibilities. 

T.I. And Killer Mike Speak Out Again...This Time...APD Killed A Black Man.

 And KM...

Seemed like a week ago they were pleading for people to not burn down the hood. Why can't the cops comply on their side? One thing is for sure, Atlanta ain't Wakanda. 

And as a D-Boy and Trap Lord...shouldn't T.I. be tuned in to how fucked up the cops are?

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Nobody wants to see Beyonce in any superhero flick. Marvel or DC please get this.