Illseed's Quickies: Did Drake Get Robbed? Will He And Pusha-T End Beef?

Some good news on the horizon and some rumors that are not so great.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am just hearing about this, but I can't find any evidence online. But I am hearing that Drake may have gotten robbed or something. My first thought was he was caught lackin' in the streets. This isn't the first time Drizzy has been robbed or set up, but hopefully those incidents will be the last.

On a side note, Drake and Pusha-T are in the road to ending their beef that has been going so long. I don't personally see how this could happen, since they have been feuding for so long. However, this is the time for it to happen. Lets go into 2019 with new energy and new collaborations!


Anyway, Drake recently shared some good news that has a Pusha T link. His son Adonis is quite an artist!