Illseed's Quickies: Tyrese's Rant, Chris Brown's New Baby, Quality Control!

There's a lot of BS that comes up from day to day, here is another one.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The game is meant to be told not sold!!! And guess who is giving it away for free? Tyrese! Homie continues to do his thing...somewhere. But anyway, on the social media front, he's basically issuing a challenge to all his fellow entertainers to step up and be accounted for. You know there are OVERT acts of police brutality happening every second. Women in Alabama are basically disenfranchised, as abortion is made illegal (even with incest and rape). Anyway...this is what Tyrese said:

Is Chris Brown about to be a poppa again? This chick that's supposedly his girl, and is supposedly pregnant by him. People are either sending their congrats or their critiques. A lot of the women think she is crazy for toting around with a belly full of Baby Brown. Yeah...there's a lot going on with that. Anyway, I am going to say "Congrats" and keep it moving to the next QUICKIE!

I know this makes me out to be a herb, but I'ma talk about Lira Galore anyway. Now, before she got down with Rick Ross, I used to drool over this chick. And then visions of Rozay splacking that ruined it for me. But they didn't ruin it for the dude from Quality Control. He got her knocked up. Now, I thought they were getting married but the rag blogs say "ex-financee:" for him.

Anyway, Pierre “Pee” Thomas of Quality Control got two women preggers at the same time. The second one - aside from Lira - was Kaylar. And they both had their babies within a month of each other. So, I say all this to say that some say Lira wants to put her kid up for adoption because she wants a two parent household. She doesn't seem to be able to have that now. She could have something better though - a 3-parent household!