Illseed Talks To Kodak Black Over Tupac, Biggie, Nas Comments.

Seed had something to get off his chest!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Uzi Vert is having his issues and Kodak Black is creating his own. When he says "I'm the hardest rapper out" and "I spit that fire," well - to me - that's not a problem. A rapper should be confident in his talents. Here is the issue I have, the young dudes know that mentioning Tupac, Biggie and, legends like Nas, are good targets to get some attention. And, we know now that Kodak Black is a big ol' troll that realizes, even in his slowness, that he's going to get the most attention by mentioning legends. Within a week, he has mentioned at least four, Sticky Fingaz being the last one. Remember he slandered Sticky? I didn't even report on that BS, because I know what he's doing.

Well, Kodak. I think you are talented in the modern context. I also think you are are smarter than you look and sound. No, you are not on the level of any of the dudes you mentioned. Not even Sticky Fingaz, who is actually one of the illest. Respectfully, we are the streets and your name doesn't ring there - just the internet. The aforementioned dudes were on TV regularly, making headlines over real sh*t and also creating universally classic music people still play, study, movies, documentaries and even albums. You got a lot more to go, bro. Salute though.

Also, Young MA has a better shot at making these claims than you bro.

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Look man. Everybody wants to talk about the greats. Bla bla bla. I separate Kodak from your everyday rapper in this generation. Because Kodak sound like Kodak. Kodak don't sound like Gucci Mane Kodak sound like Kodak. I put him up there. With the greats when you compare generations. See we try to cross generations. Would Big and Pac still sell with the music shifts. Nas can't. Jay can't. So in this era of Music Kodak Black is a legend. Kodak couldn't sell in 1997 maybe.