India Love Denies Roddy Rich Dating Rumors

Simone Grant

India Love may have spilled the beans a little too early.

If showing off her bikini body for the gram wasn’t enough, India Love wanted to subtly let everyone know she was kicking it with rapper Roddy Rich.

Love took a quick video for her Instagram story a few days ago showing a beautiful background with her sitting pool side; Not to mention a glimpse of Roddy walking by.

Seems to me like she really wanted us to see that she was “hanging out” with the rapper. Of course Love took to social media to deny any dating rumors. Under a post on The Shaderoom, she apologized for any confusion about “two friends who enjoy each other’s time.” 

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No. 1-1

Bitch using that clip to get attention. Come on now we on to this type of shit now. Why post it then? Roddy is hot so she trying to get some of that heat in her direction. Smh