Industry Insider Says Trey Songz And Tekashi 6 Are Part Of Music Game Rituals

Dude! Hassan Campbell has something to say about singing shirtless Tekashi and Trey Songz!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tekashi 69 continues to be once of the most talked about rappers of our time! Trey Songz is nothing to sneeze at either! Together, they are going to get talked about big time. Together, with no shirts on, they are going viral. Together, with no shirts on and singing love songs, they are going to be the talk of the town[s]. Together, with no shirts on and singing love songs from a hotel room, there are definitely going to be the subject of gay rumors. It is the year 2018 and being gay or whatever is really not "a thing," but it kind of is still a thing. Why? I think part of it is that there are powerful theories that there is a "Pink Mafia" in Hollywood. Now, this notion has never really been overtly present in music or Hip-Hop. But, some have charged that there is a conspiracy to indoctrinate people into lifestyles outside of the traditional man/woman dynamic. Now, I am a traditional man so whatever others do, has no affect on me at all.

NOW, the brother Hassan Campbell, who accused Afrika Bambaataa of sexual molestation, has an ongoing blog and he often attempts to lift the veil on the underbelly of the game. Now, I have not watched many of his videos, but this one came across my "desk" ( and when I say my desk, I mean my TV tray). Check out what he has to say. I

This could be just another high-level troll by 69. I don't think he would care about any of the rumors as long as there is some coverage.