Informant Lived Inside of Tekaski 6ix9ine's Crew...And Recorded!

More bad news for Tekashi and the crew....

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, I thought we have seen enough movies and read about stuff like COINTELPRO to know that the government has ways to infiltrate your crew at all times! They do it from the inside and they do it from the outside! Its crazy! The feds had an informant inside of the Trey Way crew all along. The person lived in the crew and constantly recorded their moves. He's now going to present that evidence, says every news outlet on Earth. This is not a good look.

It looks like Tekashi is going all the way to trial, but the government pulled the illllllll FAST ONE with the informant. The informant has pulled together a number of personal and private interactions (is that the same thing?) from the whole crew and will be used against him at trial. On top of that, Tekkies own social media has been combed over the last year or so and that will also be presented in court. The shooting incident at the Barclays in BK didn't help things as it is being wrapped up in the RICO.

Looks like homie 69 will be in the bing for that year. May God be with him.

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This IS a good look. What is not a good look about government having evidence of someone being a criminal and locking them up for it? Stop supporting criminals and criminal activities. That is NOT Hip Hop. Hip Hop is music, b-boy, graffiti. It's a culture and way of life, not organized crime.