Irv Gotti Talks Having Love For Suge Knight & How They Almost Could've Gotten Into It

Irv Gotti says Suge Knight has always shown him love, so he returns the love.

(AllHipHop Rumors) As we know, the vets and old heads have the best stories, so check out this one from Irv Gotti.

According to Irv, he once was unsure about how a meeting would go with Suge Knight, but he actually came out on top from the meeting with them developing a relationship, and him getting a free Tupac sample.

"That's a good story and this explains how me and Suge became friends. when I sampled the Tupac record the "Shed So Many Tears" they were like yo Suge has to clear that. Cause I went to Interscope because this was before he was on Death Row. I thought I just have to talk to Afeni and Jimmy Iovine or somebody, and they both said Suge controls everything Tupac so he has to clear it. So Suge, I've heard all of the stories and everything like that. So I'm in LA; he reaches out. I said yeah I'm at Enterprise come through. He says I'll be there in 5 or 10 minutes. I got like 20 of my dudes out there. Studio's flooded. All street dudes. Preme was out there as well. So Preme was out there. So we was all waiting for whatever. We heard stories [of] him trying to play dudes or whatever. We aint having it. When he comes in, nobody smiling. Just imagine 20 dudes, killers, 20 killers with me and ain't nobody smiling. Suge comes and smokes his cigar, he got like 2 or 3 dudes with him they ain't smiling. He said what's up. His first words he says, "Oh yall ain't on no Hollywood sh-t up in here." I said, "Uh nah we ain't." The crazy thing about my man Preme he's the only person I ever see, I don't care who was around they respected this dude. They knew him and they respected him. He said man I'ma give yall that record for free. None of those stories that you heard, I believe those stories, he just didn't do them with us. With us it was a respect and a bond. It was a respect thing. That's what it is to this day. It's always love. So what do you want me to do? New York people would be like why you cool with him? You know this, you know that. My man BJ said it best. So BJ told them, "If we listened to what everyone said I shouldn't be messing with you," said Irv.

Irv said he's cool with Suge because he treats people how he wants to be treated, and Suge always showed him love. Check out the clip below.

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Irv comes across as that dude who was in the mix but feels he was slept'd on, but always wants to prove he was in the mix.


Irv comes across as the dude who was in the mix but was slept