Is 21 Savage Still A Savage After The Slutwalk?

Despite news of shootings and Puerto Rico, Amber Rose and 21 were still the talk of the Slutwalk.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh you internets. Over the weekend, there was all sorts of tragedy and terror happening. And yet, here we are talking about 21 Savage! I don’t know if you know, but 21 Savage supported his bae Amber Rose in the 2017 Slut Walk. He was walking around carrying a sigh that said “I’m a hoe,” but Amber was wearing a suit that deemed her “Captain Save-A-Hoe.” I kid you not. Now…the internet is doing in on 21…calling him all sorts of names including “21 Simp.” I just looked into the brother’s soul and he looked like he was in the sunken place and needed a camera phone flash.

Everybody had an opinion on this. Peep what some people said.![](

Damn, 21.

This is the 21 I remembered...such a young 21 he was.

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21 SIMP LMAO! The girl got the poor boy carrying a sign saying "I'm A Hoe." SMH...