Is 50 Cent Obsessed With Teairra Mari?

50 goes in on Teairra Mari again for owing him more money

(AllHipHop Rumors) When it comes to being petty, everybody is playing for second place. 50 Cent is the pettiest human being in civilization. Damn, he never stops. He’s beefing with so many people that it’s hard to keep count. His latest target of the day happens to be Teairra Mari, who he has been going back and forth with all year.

Back in February, a judge ordered the “Love & Hip Hop” star to pay 50 $30 grand over their sex tape suit and claims that Marí still hasn’t come up off the paper. On top of the $30,000 she must pay; Mari now has been hit with more sanctions from the courts. She has to turn over another $4,392.50 for not paying up.

Being one who loves to kick somebody when they’re down, on Tuesday, the “Power” producer shared a screenshot of the article on Instagram, and trolled Marí, writing, “Stop f–king playing with me,😆IM NOT GONNA LOSE.” Petty, petty, petty.

Marí, sent a request over to the judge that she shouldn’t have to pay more doe to 50 because of his alleged online harassment, but the judge was not trying to hear any of that.

Marí sued the 50 for allegedly sharing sexually explicit images of her on Instagram back in May 2018. Her case was dismissed in January and the judge ordered her to pay more than $30,000 to cover a portion of his legal fees.

He never stops.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Tierra Mari should let 50 smash for a week straight and debt it."IM INA BUYIN NATE" -JADA PINKETT VOICE