Is 50 Cent Trying To Get Rid Of Irv Gotti's Show 'Tales' ?!

Come get 50! Can someone please find the King of Petty's chill before his show airs on BET!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The BET Christmas party is certainly going to be interesting.

50 Cent has let it be known that he is setting up shop at BET as his new series '50 Central' airs on the network on September 27th.

"Tune into the New BET Sept 27, 10:30 PM don't miss the take over. BET will never be the same. I'm getting rid of a few shows because I have some good ideas. Watch how this plays out. Oh yeah the take over is real, 50Central is coming on sept 27 10:30pm ET," 50 posted on Instagram.

One cannot forget that one of Fif's longtime enemies, Irv Gotti, also has a series called 'Tales' on the network, so it seems clear that 50 has "plans" and desires to cut Irv's show, although we doubt he has that much power at the network....yet. We'll have to see what those ratings are talking 'bout.

Are you ready for 50's series? Are you loving Irv's? This will be interesting because Irv Gotti was the same one claiming that 'Tales' would take out 50's 'Power.

Will you be tuning in?

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Irv Gotti show is better suited for a platform where they can show a nipple like HBO.