Is A Beyonce & Cardi B Collaboration On The Way?


MONEY MOVES! Has Cardi B won Beyonce over enough for a feature on her debut album?

(AllHipHop Rumors) It was shock to many to see Beyonce posed beside Cardi B for a photo op at Made In America, so wait until you hear this one!

Word on the curb is the two allegedly have a collaboration in the works!

A recording engineer by the name of Ashby posted a screenshot of a recording session that dropped a major secret.

The post showed the words, "Cardi B," and "Beyonce" as one of the files track names.

"Somebody's getting fired (Beyonce voice)!"

Ashby posted the photo with an emoji saying,

"Wow this is a big feature."

As the Beyhive was extremely excited about the news, a Beyonce fan account even tweeted out that the song is confirmed, finished, and is set to be on Cardi B’s upcoming album.

Folks seem to think Cardi has Nicki Minaj feeling the pressure to get back on her sh-t, so this certainly may get us the old Nicki back.

I'm team Cardi all day, but I couldn't see Bey doing a track with her!

What are your thoughts? Are you here for the collaboration?

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