Is A DJ Quik Movie Coming?


Does A DJ Quik movie interest you? Look here for all the details!

(AllHipHop Rumors) People always talk about Dr. Dre, but there is this other Greatest Producer by the name of DJ Quik that gets overlooked far too often. Quik had a more mellow approach to music and didn't have that G-Funk sound. Well, if you know anything, you know Quik was a huge part of the Compton wave and continued on as an essential foundation on the West's continued domination. There are reports coming out that DJ Quik will have his own biopic soon. reports, a new movie about the OG is already underway. You know...I am here for this. If you know Quik, you know that he has all the elements of a great story, beef, the streets (he's a Blood), music, and even a connection to Death Row. So it is all there, my friends. Details are scant, but hopefully they can make it happen. I feel like the game will need some re-education on Quik.Shoot - lets start now. Look below.