Is Akademiks Getting Ready To Sue Mysonne And Others Over Snitch Allegations?

DJ Akademiks turns to journalism terms like defamation after snitch allegations emerge.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This walk is real and if you walk in the mud, your shoes are going to get muddy. That was me being fake deep. Seriously, Akademiks was down with the 6ix9ine crew so heavy that he's all in the mix like one - minus the FED charges. Now, big homie Mysonne has been on his bumper for a minute charging that he's been documenting every single thing the crew has been doing. Now some sites have stated that Shotti's lawyers says that AK is the SNITCH the feds have been using to get their insider info. Now, the truth has come out and Shotti's own lawyer denies this to come from him. Tr3yway ain't saying a lot. The other day Shotti, told a federal judge in court, “We don’t fold, we don’t bend, we don’t break. It’s Tr3yway." He is ready for every bit of everything that is coming his way. I feel like AK feared for his life, because even a misunderstanding of this sort can result in death. I'm thinking he may want to reconsider how he acts as a "reporter." I don't know all of his credentials, but he seems to be more interested in hanging with artists and then reporting all the inner details. That works now, but that would be a death in the olden days. Any way, I don't doubt for one second that the stuff that Ak has posted and "reported" on have been combed by the feds. They are not playing with these guys. They just hit Mel Murda with additional drug charges.

This AK ish funny to me. When the sh#t hit the fan, nobody knows nada. LOL

Here they are in better times, playing in the pool together.

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Hilarious. Ak is a clown shoe motherfucker and so is anyone upset who used him to promote ALL their shit. Can’t be mad at the fucker for sharing what these morons put out there themself. That shits on them.