Is BET About To Bring Back An Old Favorite?

Hip-Hop and you don't stop! BET coming back with the sure shot!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Don't quote me, but I heard a birdie and the birdie told me something epic this way cometh! Now, if I am right, please quote me! BET is bringing back "Rap City!" Now, if you know like I know, "Rap City" goes all the way back to the late 80s! The show was dope and continued to be dope with the final host, Big Tigger. Now, Tigger still does work for BET when its time for a cipher or something, because he's got those off-the-top skills. Most people don't have that these days. This makes me wonder: how are they going to pull this off? Most rappers can't even write raps, much less spit BARS. Seriously! Let me tell you, I am hearing rappers piece their verses together in the studio and those beloved ciphers require multiple takes.

What I hope is that the new version of "Rap City" is done to elevate the art and the artists that are really artists to a new level. Don't just go with the poppin crew and the lil whatevers. That's cool and there's a place for that, but we gotta get to a space where Hip-Hop - and that's ALL HIP HIP - is uplifted! Now, I have no idea who is going to host this new ish! I hope it is somebody credible and somewhat young, since we need these young bucks to listen to one of their own.

Here are some legendary moments in "The Bassment."

No. 1-1

Rap City was the Shit for those of us who love HIP HOP!!!!