Is Beyonce's Vegan Diet Driving Jay-Z Insane?

Jay likes to down bubbly and eat clams, which is upsetting Beyonce.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Beyonce is preparing herself to perform at this years Coachella festival. The singer is gearing up for the fest by using a new diet and fitness regime.

The diet is a plant-based vegan diet and it's not the first time the singer has used one. Beyonce first announced her use of plant-based diets back in 2013 after she cut out meat and animal products.

While Bey has gone completely vegan, Jay-Z has no issues scarfing down cheese, pasta, and clams, which is supposedly pissing Beyonce off since she wants them both in shape for their On The Run II tour.

In December, Jay-Z announced that he would begin a 22-day vegan diet challenge. Jay-Z stated that his vegan journey began after a friend asked him to try vegan breakfast meals every day and he liked them.

The vegan diet subtracts fish, meat, and other animals products from your meal consumption. Instead, the diet focuses more on plant-based foods for your consumption.

Meaning that the animal products are replaced by mostly fruits and vegetables.

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86 Jordan
86 Jordan

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Where does the story imply that he's been driven insane?