Is Blac Chyna Making YBN Almight Jay Quit The Rap Game?

AllHipHop Staff

YBN Almighty Jay has seen his rap career take off since dating Blac Chyna, but he could soon be calling it quits!

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) YBN Almighty Jay is an up and coming who has been making noise recently in the rap world. His friendship with fellow up and coming rapper YBN Nahmir has led to them teaming to form one of rap's latest collective.

YBN Nahmir has been gaining the most musical attention, but Almighty Jay has seized the spotlight in other ways. YBN Almighty Jay first gained media attention when it became known that the rapper was dating Blac Chyna.

Eyes started to shift towards the couple due to their age difference because Almighty Jay is still 18. However, the couple gained media attention recently after they were spotted getting into an altercation at Six Flags.

Gaining Rap fame and media attention has been easy for YBN Almighty Jay, but it may not be in his future. Over the past few weeks, Almighty Jay has been letting his plans for the future be known.

First, the young rapper would announce that he was quitting Rap to become an actor. He would follow up the claim recently by announcing he would instead be quitting rap to become a professional gamer.

At first glance, the gamer claim would be far-fetched, but their official bio's say YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay first linked up online as competing gamers.

Their competitions would led to the rappers developing a friendship and the rest is history.