Is Bobby V. Purposely Dodging Police Over Rape Allegations?

Earlier this month charges were filed against Singer Bobby V and the singer has yet to respond to law enforcement.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Singer Bobby V. has become an R&B quagmire over the past few years. Last year he gained attention on the web after a transgender woman attempted to expose the singer.

Once again Bobby is making news headlines for a situation with a woman. Only this time it's for a more troublesome and shocking situation.

Bobby V is being accused of raping a woman in Georgia and charges were filed earlier this month. The singer is currently wanted for the rape, but has yet to turn himself in.

Officially the police report was filed on March 19, a day after the alleged incident. A rep for Bobby has denied the rape and claims the victim is out for money.

According to reports, Bobby V isn't even attempting to hide from law enforcement since the singer has been spotted working out in Atlanta area gyms.

Hopefully Bobby clears up the situation with law enforcement soon if he is indeed innocent.