Is Canibus’ Daughter A Beautiful Brickhouse Instagram Model?


Goodness gracias! The game done changed! Canibus is one of the dopest rapper known for taking a lot of L’s. He might be taking another one, depending on your point of view.

by Houston Williams

(AllHipHop Rumors) The word on the street is this lovely, busty Instagram model is the daughter of none other than Canibus. This is a 3rd Round K.O. for me, at least! I am not judging, but certainly I would not expect a cerebral, stern rapper like Canibus to give way to to a daughter that’s almost a naked model.

Now that I think about it, she may not even be around ‘Bis that much. But I digress. This chick has been floating on the internet for sometime, but this rumor has just popped up. I wonder why? Canibus ain’t some Idris-type so maybe this is not his flesh-n-blood. LOL!

Take a look:

Upon further investigation, this isn’t that new of a rumor. It just has not been confirmed. One thing is for sure, most of her images have been removed from Instagram so, a clean-up effort is in full swing.

Some of you weren’t even born when Canibus was out there battling LL Cool J. Well, here are a couple of songs for you to comprehend.