Is Cardi B Making Fun Of Drugging and Robbing Men?

Some things are not going to be cool EVER and it seems like Cardi B is making light of it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wrong is wrong and right is right. Some other stuff is in the middle things.As noted by the Pill Cosby allegations, drugging people is wrong. Drugging people to have sex with them is wrong too. Now, Cardi clearly wasn't TRULY in a power position or was she? Whatever is between her legs sure was powerful, but that's another subject. She basically escaped those allegations unscathed and recently was at the really weird, but prestigious MET GALA. This is apparently some sort of Vogue video promotion that makes fun of the matter. Check it.

They are artistically mocking what she used to do to men. A man would be canceled in a flash and would not ever work again.

On a side note, Cardi B admitted that she had liposuction when she showed up with a super flat tummy to the Billboard Awards. She didn't look bad but clearly something surgical happened to her belly!